#Egypt #journey Lethal Egyptian || Amin vs Nakamura || GCT Cote d’Ivoire (2019)

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Bassem Amin vs Hikaru Nakamura
Grand Chess Tour Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan CIV, rd five, May well-09
Development: King’s Indian Assault (A07)

one. e4 c5 two. Nf3 e6 three. d3 Nc6 4. g3 g6 five. Bg2 Bg7 six. O-O d6 7. c3 Nf6 eight. Re1 O-O nine. d4 e5 ten. dc5 dc5 eleven. Qd8 Rd8 twelve. Na3 Ne8 13. Bf1 f6 14. Bc4 Kf8 15. Be3 b6 16. Bd5 Bd7 17. Nb5 Rab8 18. a4 a6 19. Na3 Ne7 twenty. Bb3 Nc6 21. Nd2 Nc7 22. f4 Bh6 23. Kg2 Na5 24. Bc2 Bc6 25. b4 Nb7 26. Ndc4 ef4 27. gf4 b5 28. ab5 ab5 29. Nb6 cb4 30. cb4 Nd6 31. Kg3 Be4 32. Bc5 Bc2 33. Nc2 Kg8 34. Nd4 Nc4 35. Nc4 bc4 36. Nc6 Rd3 37. Kf2 Rb7 38. f5 c3 39. Re2 Bf8 forty. Bf8 Kf8 41. fg6 hg6 42. Ra5 Rb6 43. Rc5 Ne8 forty four. Ne7 Kf7 forty five. Nd5 Rb7 forty six. b5 Nd6 47. Nc3 g5 48. Kg2 Kg6 forty nine. Rb2 Nf5 fifty. Ne4 Ne3 51. Kg1 Re7 52. Nf2 Ra3 53. Rc1 Rb7 fifty four. h3 Ra5 fifty five. Rc5 Nf5 fifty six. Ne4 Nd4 fifty seven. Nd6 Rd7 fifty eight. Nc4 Ra1 fifty nine. Kf2 Rh7 60. b6 Ra8 sixty one. b7 Rb8 62. Nd6 Rh3 sixty three. Rb4 Rh2 64. Kf1 Rh1 sixty five. Kg2 Rd1 sixty six. Rc8 Rd2 67. Kf1 Nf3 68. Rb3 Rb7 69. Nb7 g4 70. Nc5 Rc2 71. Rd3 Kf5 seventy two. Nb7 Rb2 seventy three. Nd6 Ke6 seventy four. Re8 Kd7 seventy five. Re2 Rb1 76. Kf2 Ne5 77. Rdd2 Kc6 seventy eight. Ne4 Rb3 seventy nine. Rd6 Kb5 eighty. Rf6 Nd3 eighty one. Kg2 Ra3 82. Rf5 Kc4 83. Nf2 Nb4 eighty four. Re4 Kc3 85. Re3

The Côte d’Ivoire Speedy & Blitz is the 1st stage of the 2019 Grand Chess Tour, with World Champion Magnus Carlsen heading a ten-player field that capabilities 7 tour regulars and wild cards Wei Yi, Veselin Topalov and Bassem Amin. The party takes area in the Pullman Abidjan Hotel in Abidjan, Ivory Coastline from May well eight-twelve and has a $one hundred fifty,000 prize fund.

The speedy segment is a one spherical-robin with three rounds every day on the 1st three times. The time management is 25 minutes for all moves and a ten-second delay from move one. The ultimate two times are a blitz double spherical-robin, with 18 rounds of five minutes + three-second delay blitz. Speedy video games depend double, with two points for a acquire and one for a draw.

Official web site: grandchesstour.org/2019-grand-chess-tour/2019-Cote-dIvoire-Speedy-Blitz

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  1. I personally really liked this camera angel. When you return home, hopefully you concider to arrange your setup like this by sacrifising Medo! :)))

  2. I've watched this channel for a long time and it really hit me that chess players, with their chess quotes, are the most pretentious people I've ever seen.

  3. How do you compose your videos? Is it a secret? What software are you using to display the board, showing the moves with arrows, finding paths then resetting? How do you do it please?

  4. اهلا بهذا الأستاذ الكبير المشرقي المصري باسم أمين
    لأول مرة يصل لهذا المستوى لاعب من بلادنا ليضفي نكهة خاصة للمباريات العالمية على هذا المستوى ويعود تأخرنا بالوصول بالشطرنج لمستويات عالية طبعا التخلف وعدم الاستثمار بالعلوم والثقافة والرياضة وهذا بالظبط هو علة تقهقرنا على مدى عقود
    مبروك أستاذ باسم من لبنان بلاد الارز بلاد جبران خليل جبران بلاد التلاقي والانفتاخ منذ زمن أجدادنا الفنيقيين قاهروا البحار نفتخر بصعودك لهذا المستوى القياسي وندعم جهودك على أمل أن نراك يوما منافسا شرسا على بطولة العالم لانك بأدائك المميز هذا جاهز لأن تكون باسم ! على رقعة المنافسة الأولى

  5. Yo. This comment will probably get buried but I'm a little tipsy and in that mood so I want to comment.

    Thanks for what you do. I'm not half as good at chess as you are and can never find the challenge move (or if I do I don't really understand why it's a good move), but I really appreciate your chess analysis. I watch whenever I can and it makes me a better player.

    From the bottom of my heart, thanks for doing what you do.

  6. #Suggestion Don't show any blitz games from GCT Cote d'Ivoire because The great Rashid Neyzhmetdinov used to say he who analysis Blitz is stupid but continue showing Rapid games, Classical games and of course continue the Capablanca saga.

  7. So many Egyptians in the comment section, I thought I was in Cairo for a second.

    great game though, glad to see a decent representation for Arabs in this sport.

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