#Egypt #journey Issues to do in Luxor, Egypt: Much better than Vegas? (Possibly)

If you’re curious about the points to do in Luxor, Egypt (and questioning if you can expect to have as a lot enjoyment as Las Vegas) – then rely on us, there is loads.

1st, we would say it can be generally a daytime city – we failed to get the vibe there was a lot to of points to do at night time in Luxor.

If you truly necessary to, every little thing we record in this article, from Karnak Temple, to Luxor Temple, to the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut Temple are all points to do in one particular day if you are aggressive with your agenda (but you can expect to want to commence early).

Relying on wherever you’re keeping, we would head in excess of to the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut’s temple very first – catch a ferry for just a pair bucks across the Nile and see these amazing monuments in advance of it gets far too sizzling.

Soon after that, head again to Luxor proper and check out both equally Karnak and Luxor Temple. Pick out one particular for that excellent golden hour sunset for the reason that the way the gentle bounces about the temples is definitely magnificent.

Then go have an amazing supper for about five bucks!



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