#Egypt #journey Initial Impressions EGYPT! – Is it Harmless to go to Egypt? (2019)

Touring to Cairo Egypt, we discover all over the town at the marketplaces, and museum, and enable you know if we consider it’s protected to journey to Egypt!

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  1. I miss when you just held your own camera and think that is the best for travel bloggers. The random scenes of you walking just seem awkward and random. Instead of showing us just the beauty of the place you went through we see you walk with this serious look on your face by it instead lol.

  2. I am SO going to love this series!! I have had a very keen interest in Egypt ever since I was a kid, it's such a fascinating and mystical culture. I was in Egypt back in 1990. I guess neither of you were even born yet, haha! It was amazing! Walking in the Valley of the Kings, visiting King Tut's tomb, that museum, we went to the tomb chamber in the Great Pyramid as well. And many other ancient ruins while we were on a Nile cruise. Their knowledge and technology was quite mindblowing when you think many of these were built thousands of years ago. With such incredible precision! And they worshipped cats, another reason to love them even more, lol.
    Just after we left, the Gulf War started, and I guess since then things have not been the same, with several terrorist attacks and so on. So it's understandable that people are a bit afraid to go there now. But you're right, the people are very friendly. It's been nearly 30 years now, but I remember it as if it was yesterday, an amazing travel experience! I remember on that Nile cruise, the crew invited us for tea on the bridge. It was so cool 🙂
    Anyway, looking forward very much to the rest of this series, it sure is bringing back many pleasant memories!
    I can share some pictures from then if you'd like, just let me know.

  3. I am Egyptian, I wish you to have fun .. I advise you to visit Dahab for calm, comfort and nature. Luxor and Aswan, which contain most of the ancient monuments and also Siwa Oasis for treatment and there is a hotel lit by candles and primitive life I advise you to try

  4. Awesome! You all are finally at Egypt! I technically lived there a year as a US Army Officer with the Multinational Forces & Observers that is in the Sinai, at North Camp in El-Gorah, Egypt. Went to Cairo many times. Very historical place. Lot's to see and enjoy. Try going to the Biblical Mount Sinai in the southern portion of Sinai prior to Sharm El-Sheikh. Sharm El-Sheikh is also a good place to visit as well. Great diving near Sharm El-Sheikh as well. Enjoy!

  5. Just an YFI before I even watch this video……safe to go to Egypt?……I’m not comfortable watching a YouTuber give me safety advice when I have shoes older than him. Yes I’m a hoarder. Let’s see if I was right

  6. 8 years ago I was fortunate enough to get to see the Tutankhamun treasures in Melbourne, my family and I had the most amazing time. Thank you for sharing this new adventure I can't wait to see what else you have in store

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