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In the to start with episode, Professor Joann Fletcher goes in look for of the making blocks of Egyptian civilisation and finds out what made historical Egypt the extraordinary civilisation that it was.

Joann sees how people today right here changed, in just a few centuries, from primitive farmers to pyramid builders and finds the early evidence for Egypt’s incredible gods and obsession with demise and the afterlife.

On her look for, Joann travels practically twenty,000 yrs back again in time to find out north Africa’s earliest rock artwork, she discovers how the to start with crafting was made use of to compute taxes and explores one of the to start with stone buildings on earth – Egypt’s to start with pyramid. Joann ends her journey in the largest monument of them all – the Great Pyramid. In this article, she describes how Egypt experienced now reached a pinnacle – the final culture, building one of the wonders of the historical world.

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  1. With the background music, the sounds and her voice, I just close my eyes and listen and it literally feels like I am there on the scene and like the event is happening all around me.

  2. Reason of of disliking the video within the first 30 seconds: "…were bulit four and a half thousand years ago…" Yeah yeah, we've all heard the stories… Isn't it time already to deal with the facts?

  3. The question that will certainly have to be raised is why an African scholar has never been invited, or asked, for their findings and knowledge to the understanding of the African Kemit civilization. If we want to gain real and specific knowledge of a local events with regard to European cities, then we are not going to ask the Chinese about these exact "local events" developments in the past history period of Europe it itself, right?

  4. So tired of the narrative that pyramids were/are tombs. It remains common knowledge/accepted fact, for quite some time (certainly since my interest in ancient astronaut theory, going back to the 90s), that mummy's, corpses or tombs have only ever been located near/around pyramids, but NEVER inside! These have been acknowledged and independantly proven by engineers, electricians, etc, though not by the mainstream, to be devices that harnessed electromagnetic forces/power within a grid that spans the globe. Of course, near a century ago, the decision was made to opt for conventional, quantifiable electricity, for which we continue to be billed, globally, to the tune of Trillions annually. Imagine all this drying up in very short order, along with the trillions generated by fossil fuels, if it is ever openly revealed that these energy sources, as well as zero point energy, have existed since the birth of the universe. The awakening is however, underway…

  5. Is this relatively new? I thought zwahi banned her? See is one of my favorites on the topic. I wish zwahi would just fall out of power. I feel like theres so much more where missing out on due to the fact hes in power

  6. Timeline – World History Documentaries, did you buy this series from the producers? I have noticed that your channel name is appearing on many of the documentaries I've had the pleasure of watching WITHOUT all the advertising under different channel names.

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