#Egypt #journey Immortal Egypt: Invasion (Historic Egypt Documentary) | Timeline

Check out out our new web site for more outstanding record documentaries: High definition and advertisement-free of charge.

Check out out our new web site for more outstanding record documentaries: High definition and advertisement-free of charge.

The historian reveals how Egypt’s enemies exploited a state weakened by internal strife, travelling south to Sudan to analyze the story of the neglected Nubian kings, who dominated Egypt from their southern homeland for a century, even constructing their have pyramids to bury their monarchs. She then explores how the future team of invaders the Saites took the custom of mummification to new extremes by preserving millions of animals, just before Alexander the Terrific arrived to Egypt’s rescue and launched the finest city on Earth.

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  1. Egyptology lacks real evidence. Full of assumptions. Dating whole sites to hieroglyphs on one piece of stone. No evidence of how they quarried, cut, moved and fitted huge stone blocks. Cut granite with machined precision with soft tools. It's a joke how the masses have been brainwashed. There is no evidence the egyptians ever built the pyramids. They didn't document it and there is no evidence of any tools and devices that could have made it happen.

  2. Egyptian civilization was derived from Nubia…many Egyptian gods are actually Nubian in origin…further Nubians were not foreigners since Nubians like Egyptians were both Africans…

    We now recognize that populations of Nubia and Egypt form a continuum rather than clearly distinct groups,” Mr. Emberling writes, “and that it is impossible to draw a line between Egypt and Nubia that would indicate where ‘black’ begins.” [5]

    Dr. Maria C. Gatto Phd
    The American University in Cairo | AUC · Department of Egyptology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology

    As the first statement in that quotation asserts it is nothing more than Western racial animus why certain people try to dismiss all of these consistent facts and cherry pick inconsistent pieces of evidence to deny that the ancient Egypt was black as was Nubia. This is consistent with the revelation from Dr Maria Gatto posted above which confirms that pre-Dynastic Egypt started off as essentially a northern extension of Nubia which in turn was descended from earlier Saharan Nilotic pastoralist cultures.

  3. I love the info in these episodes but she looks like a clown with no makeup and her attempts at dramatic prose are offputting. At least she called Palestine Palestine.

  4. I know a lot of people like here documentaries, but I found a few mistakes , so for me is really yet another video done just for sake of it. Nothing new , nothing exciting.

  5. It just didn’t make sense how did Nubia basically Africa go from building awesome structures to mud hut human eating fucktards did the breed themselves retarded or something makes no sense graham hancock is right

  6. The part which you Talk about Persians is not fear.
    Persians were great and had lots of glory.
    If you are making a documentary, you should stick to reality not your own ideas and illusions.
    It looks like i say England had many wild king and people that they get India and other countries by force just in order to expand their lands…

  7. Ancient Aegypt. Priapic, ruttish.
    Quite racist documentary, for example. "The Asyrians: war was there thing!!!" "Libyans had wanted nothing less than the State plundering of Egypts royal tombs." Racism is not acceptable now nor should it be in History.

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