#Egypt #journey How the Pyramids Were Constructed (Pyramid Science Aspect 2!)

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Just because a little something is challenging does not imply it’s impossible. Above the earlier centuries, archaeologists, historians, and engineers have reconstructed a great offer of the technology and science applied to develop the Egyptian pyramids. This week we appear at ancient Egyptian arithmetic, making methods, equipment, and society to reconstruct the Good Pyramid’s building.


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  1. You asked for it and here it is! How the pyramids were built, a follow-up to our video about who built the pyramids. Have a different idea about how they were built? Let us know in the comments… and bring your evidence!

  2. Everybody has always known hat it was Aliens from outer space that built the pyramids. This idiot is absolutely laughable. If he actually believes what he's saying, he needs serious psychiatric help.

  3. Love how people are saying that this is all just hypothesis or theory, not fact, ignoring how the scientific process works and how there's references in the description for the stuff he talks about. Yet so many people aren't providing as much as a single link. Just providing the same rehashed arguments from incredulity.

    Can anyone provide this? I'm pretty sure someone has a link to what others have to say that goes against the main narrative of tie building of the pyramids, but that stuff has been obfuscated by confirmation bias and people arguing incredulity, shifting the burden of proof, or moving the goalposts.

  4. Until a group of humans go into the desert RIGHT NOW and rebuild an exact replica of the Pyramid of Giza (inside and out) using the exact same resources used back then.

    Then and only then will I believe humans built the Pyramids with no help at all.

    This video is all TALK, scientists are all TALK.


  5. The sad thing is someone will believe this.do you not feal bad?there are Uther ways of getting in front of the camera without doing harm. or making your self look bad.try plants please or star watching!!!.

  6. The inner chambers give us all a clue as to the construction methods used. The construction of the pyramid was basically done from the inside out. Stones entered the pyramid through a Northern doorway to the main chamber were we find curious squares cut into the stone on either side of the passage ,These squares utilized a kind of "primitive" cranking system to raise the stones to the next level up. The casing stones also came up the same ramp system to be placed outside.Exterior ramps were not needed or used. There are possibly undiscovered chambers in the pyramid that will also shed more light on the construction, we only need to dicover them.

  7. This video and those "demonstrations" are one of the biggest offense to human intelligence.
    Nobody will blame if you're stupid. That's your factory design and it's nothing to do to repair that. BUT.. to speak pretending to show logical explanation, that's unaccepting when came from you and other people like you.. some of them stupid, some of them liars following some petty interests.

  8. The great pyramids are older than the step pyramids nearby. You can see how they tried but failed to recreate them. Just shows how quickly the information was lost after the creation. Also people who say they are tombs probably haven’t actually been inside. Egyptian tombs are covered in hieroglyphics. The pyramids have little to none. Oh and nobody really knows how they were made. So don’t pay any attention to this video.

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