#Egypt #journey Holyland Trip Vlog – Day 2 – CAIRO, EGYPT (EP 02)

EP.02: We eventually arrived in Cairo just after our extensive flight from Jakarta. We experienced lunch at Chinese Cafe near Cairo city then we went straight to the lodge for 2 hrs relaxation. Then we went to the Virgin Mary Church (This Church is made up of the main matter the church created for, which is the Actions applied by the holy relatives. It is believed that this church has been applied by the Holy Family who were being available to pilgrims through the church’s courtyard. It is said that a miraculous character occurred on Friday the 3rd of the Coptic thirty day period of Baramhat – the 12th of March – 1976 . A Holy Book was carried by the lapping ripples of the Nile to the bank below the church. It was open to the site of Isaiah declaring, ” Blessed be Egypt my persons “. The Bible is now behind glass in the sanctuary of the Virgin in the church for all to see). We ended our night time with cruising the Nile River and relished some buffet food and neighborhood entertainments.

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This is Andjas and Stefanie who like to share primarily around their holiday and culinary journey journey.

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