#Egypt #journey Greatest WAY TO Journey EGYPT | Nile River Cruise Working day 1

What far better way to investigate Egypt than to choose a cruise down the NILE RIVER?! This vlog is working day 1 of five on our outstanding sail boat! We booked this trip with 🙂 And as promised, here is the link to our Q2 Profits and Expenditure Report:

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At first from Nashville, Tennessee, we received married June 2013 and immediately caught the journey bug! We started off “travel hacking” and having a lot more visits together and at last made the decision we needed to journey for a person calendar year. Right after 2 years of preserving $ and journey hacking in excess of 2 million miles and points, we marketed our cars and trucks and apartment and left residence January 10, 2016. We started off this YouTube channel to share our ordeals with mates and relatives, then made the decision we definitely liked vlogging and touring. So we extended our 1 calendar year trip to A few years 🙂 Now we have a goal of touring to a hundred international locations before Nate turns thirty (which is March 20, 2019)! We are very thankful to do something we appreciate just about every working day. 🙂



  1. I've been on a nile cruise a couple of years ago it was really cool and very hot. We got a massive discount going there but it was also midsummer season and extremely hot like 49 celsius

  2. I am Egyptian! I love that you guys enjoyed it, but I hate those tourists scams, taxis are actually cheaper in the city than what you paid. I wish I was the government and I would ban any tourist scams, it really makes our country look bad.

  3. I don’t understand how people dislike this video, jealously is the only reason that comes to mind, you guys are lovely and your videos are great.
    November 27th is the day I set foot in that beautiful and mysterious country, and I can not wait !

  4. Bro I love your blogs but did you not notice how those poor cows were being worked to death?how do you guys cope with the utterly callous indifference to animal welfare in these exotic places you travel through?does one just get over it or how?

  5. Yet another great video! I to love to get away from all the tourist and meet the local people, you learn so much more about the country and area. I was wondering a couple things, I have been following you since the beginning and am currently enjoying my coffee in my Kara and Nate coffee mug as I watch this…lol. Now that your travels are becoming more profitable will you continue next year or will you stop at 100? I hope not!!! If not will Nate go back to Peanut Butter Printing?

  6. I just came across your channel today and have been just mesmerized. I’m so glad I found you guys!! Best of luck with all your travels and thank you for showing everything. It’s truly amazing footage!

  7. Awesome finish… its great to see that people are so nice. In our political world we demonize cultures that aren't our own, yet we share more things than we care to admit. The smiles and good heartedness is global. It's really good to see thank you….

  8. Guys it’s great to see you back to your own style vlogging ! You lost the plot for a while but I’m very happy you’re back on track. Happy travels from a fellow traveller and long time top tier flyer.

  9. I started watching you guys during your Trans-Siberian journey, and i am so excited to follow you guys on a sort of similar journey along the nile.That boat looks so picturesque, could i ask which of the Nour el Nil Boats you guys are on?

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