About us:
A mere point out of Egypt and it will bring to head, superb tales of mummies and pharaohs, wondrous treasures, opulent architecture of its Pyramids and Wonderful temples, wide expanses of desert, interesting oases and the river Nile, really life source to the persons of Egypt. Egypt, from time immemorial it has cast its spe…ll throughout the earth and proceeds to do so. With above five,000 yrs of abundant background count on to be awed by this ancient, eternal land. You will not be let down.
Increase to all that Good day EGYPT Excursions wide experience as seasoned journey specialists and we have the makings of the most memorable journey you have ever taken. Focused to assuring every single Egyptian minute you commit is as memorable as can be, Beacon Holidays has set collectively a tour that is entirely personal. You can go exactly where you want, on a agenda that suits your desire, guided by experienced, pleasant and adaptable escorts who are as eager to have you fall in like with their place as we are.