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#SouthAfrica #travel The South African Shack Dwellers Trying to Find a Voice (2008)

A Place in the City (2008): Inside the struggle of South Africa’s post-apartheid shack dwellers For downloads and more information visit: More than a decade after apartheid ended millions of South Africans still live in basic home-made shacks. We hear from the inhabitants as they eloquently argue their case for real citizenship rights. The shack […]

Holidays to South Africa’s Backyard Route | Holidays2SouthAfrica

South Africa is ordinarily dry and arid, but The Backyard Route is diverse, with a landscape produced of environmentally friendly fields, new lakes and rugged shoreline. The route starts at Mossel Bay in Western Cape, functioning along the south coast and ending up at the Storms River. Let’s have a glance at some of the […]

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