#Egypt #journey First Time Checking out The Astonishing Osiris Shaft On The Giza Plateau

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  1. It would be illegal for you to take a sample from anywhere inside unless granted permission , like all past commenters the trash is disgusting and so disrespectful in such a place .

  2. OSIRIS would be disgusted, that there was even a speck of garbage, surrounding one of the most amazing unexplained feats in history. With very excited, but hopefully not, a little unenlightened, ready to go see nothing, but a clear pond and empty casket But the ones with true wondering, would find a priceless place that money could never buy. I hope all the visitors left that way, and as they left, they all picked up the trash along with the unexplained. Thank You Brien. I would never get to see, such an overwhelming, amazing place. I believe the emerald tablets may discuss this place? Look and see?

  3. I'm so tired of people taking tourist dollars to Egypt and other countries bc everything is so limited ! How much do they have harbored away that we will never get to see or even know about ,if they won't show us the best of what they have then why give them our money??

  4. While I appreciate everything you bring to us immensely egyptologists have devolved into complete thieves. Graft,corruption and bribery are no way to treat archeological treasures. Tourism is king and anything is for sale to see for a price. I can only imagine how much has been kept from the public and the archeological word to preserve thier income stream and perpetuate the narrative they are pushing. Shameful.

  5. It's a shame these places are being kept away from most people, but it's nice to see some fat Americans and Chinese tourists are snooping around down there now. What a shame.

  6. Hawas was a joke and as currupt as they come. He had no vision and tried to put everything into a box that it in no way could fit. His ideas were narrow minded and put Egyptology behind for decades.

  7. I cannot believe that a people of the 21st century still believe in the mysterys of the piramide…. No mysterys left guys after such a long time of exploration and exploitation… And yeah that was just a thumb for a crazy rulers… MAN MADE!

  8. Nice video but the sarcophagus is volcanic rock and the black goo is used to seal things in ancient Egypt. You shouldn't be making ridiculous claims about things that you have absolutely no knowledge about just because you want to make something appear amazing. Its already amazing but stop putting you alien conspiracy bullshit onto stuff!

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