#Egypt #journey Exploring King Tutankhamun’s Tomb | Blowing Up Record

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  1. The biggest difference is the fact the there is mold on the walls indicating that the tomb was sealed prior to the paint drying, That has never been seen anywhere else to date. It is now believed that the Tomb he was found in was originally for someone else probably the advisor who took the throne after his death. Apparently, the person the Kind had selected to take the throne after him was overseas on a military campaign and one of his advisors had him buried quickly so he could take the throne before King Tutankhamun's Chosen successor returned to Egypt. The advisors took the throne and is believed to have been buried in the tomb that originally had been started for King Tut prior to his death. That tomb was very large very ornate in detail and much more appropriate for a pharaoh. The irony is the Advisor is but a cliff note compared to King Tut the advisors tomb was pillaged by tomb robbers while king Tuts tomb was left preserved until its modern day discovery.

  2. King Tut was filled with many issues due to inbreeding within the family. He died unexpectedly and given that the process of burial only gave about 90 days they had to complete it all. It takes over 30 years for a whole tomb to be completed. So these skilled craftsmen had to do 30 years of work in less than 90 days.

  3. I do not really understand why American documentarians apply such dumbed -down narration onto the video interviews and exposes. They sound like they are a 3rd-grade teacher talking to a child. We are all adults here and would appreciate some more cerebral and mature dialogue/narrative script. Maybe it is just because I am British and we enthusiasts have a higher level of college education. It seems like we are being informed by Walt Disney University.

  4. In the pyramids before the tomb a shiny light comes out the tomb is open and a beautiful. Egyptian Queen with bluecstars defining. her beautiful. face gives me a kiss and says" I have been looking for you"

  5. And I don't agree with archeology because all it is is legalized grave robbery… I mean Egypt wasnt known as Egypt while these kings and queens were alive so what right does Egypt have to say is ok to dig into the grave and take everything out and use it for financial game and too enrich their coffers…technically they are doing what every grave robber does , go into someone elses grave and take someone elses belongings for personal or financial game but somehow would be illegal if I did it to a grave but is ok if the Egyptian government says is ok because their might be something they want in there

  6. Why was it completed quickly? Maybe because he died at an early age, unexpectedly, the workers didn’t have 30+ years to work on this like the older pharaohs. Because of this, the tomb had to be rushed for his burial, because without the ceremony Egyptians believed the Sun would not rise again.

  7. I just thought I would share this info with you, what I am telling you is the truth and will stand by what I say, I don't lie or need to.
    I got to see a live recording of the opening of King Tutankhamen tomb.
    As a young boy around 45 years ago I watched on film on TV in Melbourne Victoria they found in the TV stations archives that was said to have been a live recording of the opening of Tutankhamen tomb
    They start the film telling the viewer the reason the film was made was because the search for the Kings tomb went on for a long time so long the archaeologist looking for the city of the king started going home thinking it may have been just a story and did not exist, but of cause they found it and the search began for the tomb, and it was decided that whoever found it had to record it live so no secrets could be kept, so in the film they showed the progress over time as they filmed the progress week by week and the discoveries they found it was a big event at the time as every Egyptian went there and had dug the hole area back down to ground level of the ruins in a six month period and when they did all the grass started to grow revealing all these two meter tracks going for miles they had made no sense to them as they tried to map them out, so they flew over it showing these four pictures of insects seven miles wide each one but what they could not understand was the spider was drawn with its eight eyes and speculated that they must have had microscopes to know this and had suspended water in rings of copper to make a crude microscope, but then they wondered why the grass was not growing and had the soil tested and it had been burnt with nuclear radiation six meters down and nothing will ever grow there, they had no idea how this was done because owe bombs go six inches down and three years later the grass grows back, so they move on to the opening of King Tutankhamen's tomb.
    This area was not brought back to ground level and they were walking in a trench about four foot deep and had come to the servants tomb and showed they had also found that as well, but the move on to open the kings chamber, and when they did it was empty except for the red marble sarcophagus and some vases and a small pile of cloths and said that they had buried the servant in the kings chamber and that the king would be in the tomb they passed on the way in, when they opened the lid to show the mummy they found he was covered in resin and that the people must have really liked him, because servants were not allowed to be mummified as this was only for royalty and is why they smuggled the resin in to the tomb in the vases and had poured it into his casket in an attempt to preserve him at great risk and is why they used the resin, today they are teaching a lie and are making out he was the king but this is not true.
    The man talking in the film said that this film is also why they found out how mummies were created, because back then they thought this mummy was going to be the best mummy ever found sealed in gold it would be so well preserved and were going to open and reveal the mummy live for all to see, well a lady had seen this filming and told them mummies were made first then placed in the tomb, but this was after they had made the recording, lucky for the people that got to see this film.
    When they went back to open up the servants tomb they found it had two doors with a curse on each one, but they did not believe in them and in they go and this is where it gets exciting because first you see this stone sarcophagus straight ahead they then pan to the left showing the artefacts you see in the museum going around from left to the wall behind the sarcophagus but when they look to the right side there was a small jet airplane about fifteen feet long as a guess with its jet thruster out the back and its wings taken off and leaning up against the fuselage, they then went on to open the stone sarcophagus to show King Tutankhamen and everyone's stood there in amazement of the golden casket, this is where they make the claim about the best looking mummy ever found and were going to do what they normally would not open it in the tomb, but because it was live they were going to show the world.
    So when they lifted the lid off the golden casket, they discover the gold mask and again the look in awe they then removed it as well and to their amazement there was a book under his arms about twelve inches by eight inches wide and two inches thick, they were all very excited because he explained that the only peace of Egyptian papyrus was a corner of a page with three words on it, that was left behind when they had burnt the oxygen from the tomb and to find this book was potentially worth more than all the gold you seen in the tomb, and said if he could open the book he would love to show us inside.
    He goes to open it and all was quiet not even anyone breathing, he reads the cover and it said it was the diary of the king Tutankhamen and opens to the first page, it talks about who his parents were and when they ruled as king and queen and when he became king, they then go to the next pages two and three and on these pages were the pictures of the four insects outside, each one had a UFO landed on them, drawn exactly as people report them today, and each one had its own humanoid spaces in front.
    The first race had a normal disk shape craft with the square top and port holes in it, landing gear with hydraulics, hoses and a ladder in the centre and these two humanoids that were boy and girl I would say as they had them in pairs each race, these pair were five feet tall with pointy ears long hair and long beards.
    Next were tall like us except for the pointy ears, and there ship was the disk shape with the dome top, ladder and landing gear.
    The third were exactly like us but with tight blue suits long blond hair and had a triangle shaped craft with the circles in each corner landing gear and ladder in the middle under the craft.
    And the four now even they are humanoid these were like the greys but they were tall about thirteen feet tall and there craft was disk shaped but had the three domes under the craft and landing gear and ramp in the middle.
    He then read the text in the centre at the bottom of the page and it read that the Egyptians were being visited by four other worlds in their time and these were there landing pads so they could spot them from space for when they return
    This is where the film had ended as a man comes up and whispers in the ear of the man reading the book and said I have been told I must close the book at this stage end the movie came to an end, they had to play this again the next night because people had demanded to see it again, so they did and all that I have told you was cut out and I have never seen it again.

  8. I believe King Tut took Queen Nefertiti's tomb. His headdress has pierced ears. That's what Queen Nefertiti was famous for!!! King Tut did not. It is even stated the face of headdress is not the original!! The face patched on at a later date. Ears represent a queen on his headdress. QUEEN NEFERTITI. Also burial chamber is on right side of tomb which was meant for a female ruler. Burial chamber on left side meant male ruler. King Tut is on the wrong side. A lot of her art have been found discarded all over Egypt. She was very powerful in her time!!!! Brought fourth a new religion & era with her husband. The pot which held Tuts mummified insides were in feminine female faced jars. Also the tomb was repainted in a hurry because Tut wasn't suppose to be there. That's why there is such bad mold. Brushstrokes are hurried and sloppy in different areas of tomb. Cover up? I think yes. Queen Nefertiti should have been there. She ruled way longer than Tut. She had more time to prepare such a beautiful tomb. He died as a boy. She was a Queen, priestess &Pharoah!!!! Triple threat!! "Since King Tut ruled after her, he forced her priestess to give up the location of her miraculous tomb". Many did not agree with the power she held as a Queen, priestess and ruler. She featured in more hieroglyphs than King Tut EVER was. Does anyone else see this as a theory?????

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