#Egypt #journey Evidence Of 12,000 Calendar year Outdated Cataclysm At Karnak in Egypt?


  1. So… plasma from the sun. Not interacting with any structure above a few meters. Conceivably, coming from the sun, it would first pass the tops and higher protrusions of structures. The portions closest to the earth would be last to be exposed to the plasma. Not the first. and only…. You would think it would have to come in contact with the top first ?

  2. Uh, why are the tops generally undamaged? Some sort of very hot liquid air or fluid moving across the ground? Does everything in the area have this same damage? Would be interesting to make a 3D model where you can see everything that received the strange damage compared to everything else.

  3. Good talk…. those hole drilling-marks are something very strange on their own.
    Why is it mainly in the lower section of the coulombs .. woudn't you expect it all over the side?
    That the earth's axis was off, proves (?) it is very very old. Think about those older pyramids that N-S axis is off, today.
    BTW has anybody ever tried to heat the side of granite to see what happens… like in de side of a metal-melt-factory of some kind. Or maybe with a blowtorch? See how that stone reacts.

  4. Brien, you REALLY need to get some instruments on those stone faces, check for different types of radiation, and compare it with background or expected radiation. I would almost guarantee there will be a detectable difference between those scarred areas and the "normal" unfazed stone. Nothing could do that kind of damage without leaving a radioactive trace for up to 25,000 years, perhaps even (much) more.

  5. I mean, the structure could have been because the stones were softened and it cooled quickly. The geologist does not talk about the plasma he postulates. She is correct in saying that it cooled in different rates as the best scenario.

  6. People like Patricia Awyan need to get in touch with and learn about the EU, The Thunderbolts Project, Wal Thornhill, David Talbot and their scientific associates to better understand the grand plasma discharges that destroyed these sites !! Many of your videos end with questions about the very CME/Plasma discharge events that they are researching through experiment, world mythologies, and Cosmological evidence ! 😀

  7. Your speculations do not make any logical sense to me whatsoever. Especially the 12000 year timeframe thrown out there without any reason shown as to why you say it happened then. And if anyone takes this to heart, as many will without questioning, they could and will miss evidence that show it happened around 4,000 years. Real evidence. You know, the kind that can be observed. Like ancient writings and folklore.

    Also the assumption, and you only speculate, yet the lady is the only one to admit there is no way to know for certain, that it was some heat source from solar plasma coming in at a certain degree from a certain direction. Yes that is pretty obvious from observing all the damage is on the same side. Yet it stops at a certain height. That little fact kinda kills the theory it was for the sky. As there is no way it could selectively only effect the lower areas of the tall structures. It had to of been on a horizontal path at ground level. And since they had the technology to cut, drill and transport very hard and very heavy stone, it is very easy for me to include in my own speculations that the destruction could have been a weapon of some sort that super heats these materials.

    There are ancient writings of such things so that seems to support its possibility. Coming from the sky just makes no rational sense. If you think it could be possible, please try and explain how it could pass over the higher areas. It couldn't. Plain and simple. And if it was something super hot, everything would be damaged on the eastern side. Everything. There was no mention of all the surrounding areas having the same damage. That would mean it coincidently just hit the city. And there are other places with similar damage, no? How about a scan of all the areas out from the structures for 1 mile. 10 miles. This type of common sense investigation could help tremendously in concluding what happened. Yet just short and very little detailed explanations are given for such speculation. Not scientific by any means. More like science fiction. Very poor investigating. Reminds me of the mainstream media whos goals are obviously geared to promote a theology rather than to report the facts.

    The lady is correct in saying without more research it is all just pure speculation and people need to take that to heart and stay open minded. As for me the speculations given seem to be impossible by the evidence seen and I am concluding that something different happened and at a much much more recent time.

  8. What actually happened was a mischievous boy was teasing his pet dragon with jellybeans on the Eastern part of the city. The dragon became so angry that it wasn't being given jellybeans, and burned everything in sight until the boy gave it some jellybeans!!! I am SO smart!

  9. I cannot help but wonder – if the ancient destruction by solar plasma was caused by them meddling with forces greater than even they could control. So much so – that they destabilized the orbits of the inner planets or at minimum caused the Earth to tilt in its orbit. Something tells me – that humans may well have been responsible for the destruction of Mars and of Venus.

  10. Between you, Graham Hancock and a few others, history has been re-written yet it still remains a mystery.

    I never trusted those who claim to know what can't be known. I only trust those still seeking our truth.

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