#Egypt #journey Egyptian Museum 2nd Flooring Going for walks Tour (4K/60fps) – Tutankhamun Show!

See the Tutankhamen show in this future installment of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The outer halls of the 2nd floor have the treasures of Yuya and Tuya, the terrific-grandparents of Tutankhamun. The treasure of Tutankhamun is also on display screen in the outer corridor. The rooms along every single corridor have artifacts according to distinctive themes. Video clip and photographs are not permitted inside the area that incorporates the funerary mask of King Tut. Delight in!

🎧For an even far more immersive knowledge, be positive to put on your headphones and pay attention in 3D audio.

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  1. removing the artifacts and statues from thier orginal locations is a necessary evil to protect them. I find the location and surroundings an important compnonet to understanding it.

  2. Thank you again for these.
    The sheer quantity and level of preservation is mind boggling to see.
    You could spend weeks in there and not even approach seeing it all. Just had no idea how much there would be there.
    What an amazing place.

  3. I just saw 2nd Floor Walking now, you described some information was perfect, congratulations and thank you for sharing this video, maybe one day I will have the opportunity to visit this Museum of extreme beauty.

  4. Парень это хорошо, что ты даёшь знание, но все же следи за качеством семки, перед тем как шоу её. А вообще то путешествие во времени стоит того. Нам бы учиться у него, так нет, мозгов не хватает. Разве пост нашей эпохи останутся картины, статуи, краски, да и квазизнания вообще?

  5. Hey I envisioned you as a younger guy, you blew the cover up :), don't worry your secret is safe with me 🙂
    You look familiar somehow, are you from europe?. I hope you are not pissed off at me for being an opinionated
    Fellow as you have noticed in my previous coments. Ok take care, love the museum, still not a single clue, picture or
    Jerogliph regarding who built the pyramids isn't that amazing?

  6. Great job would like to see close-ups of some of the stuff in there considering they're supposed to be dated back before BC they don't look very old I'm wondering if most of the stuff I just copies and fakes

  7. wow the biggest tomb robbers are the Egyptians own government. entire burial chambers, looted and shoved into a museum along with the mummies themselves, lol. wtf? at what point does it become accepatble to dig people up and put them in a museum?

  8. What amazed me when I was there, and may not come across to people watching this, is just how small all of the items like furniture actually are. These people were tiny. They looked like they were made for children.

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