#Egypt #journey EGYPT VLOG one | Cairo and Giza

I Eventually DID IT!

A existence lengthy desire of mine has been fulfilled and I have numerous plans to return in the foreseeable future. For any individual who is not sure about travelling to Egypt, I can say from getting been there that you must have no doubts.

Overall, the very best adventure I have at any time had. It truthfully lived up to it is really anticipations.

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  1. Nice video!! I really enjoyed it. Going to Cairo in 2 weeks and all excited. I will be with Memphis Tours and doing a Nile Cruise as well as all the pyramids and museums ,3 weeks total. Just like u was with ur Mom, well I will be with my son.

  2. Hi, how did u know about Egypt government? did u have any exp. about that?. please don't talk like that. at least u didn't have any trouble here in Egypt… all are welcoming. Egypt trying to raise and our government not that u think.

  3. Hey Brooke! I've just booked a trip to Egypt for November. Did you and your mum hire a guide for each day? I can't decide whether to or not. Any advice would be awesome. Loved discovering your channel, can't wait to see where you go next. 🙂

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