#Egypt #journey EGYPT & JORDAN | Ep2: Solo Backpacking Jordan

Solo backpacking by way of Jordan in the 2nd leg of my month extended trip by way of Egypt & Jordan.

I’ll be checking out Amman, the Useless Sea, Jerash, the Kings Freeway, Karak, Petra and Wadi Rum.

Egypt & Jordan are unquestionably on most people’s journey bucket lists, but I’ve normally experienced the impression that the the vast majority of people journey there on an organised tour.

So I wished to give it a go by myself and see what it was like dealing with it like a standard backpacking trip, being at hostel and scheduling almost everything on the go.

This 2nd episode sees my journey keep on as I head into Jordan for 10 times.

Starting out in Amman, I did working day visits to the Useless Sea, Mt Nebo, Madaba, Umm Qays, Aljoun and Jerash.

Then I travelled south along the Kings Freeway handed Karak, Dana Reserve and Shobak before arriving in Wadi Musa to see the historical ruins of Petra, showcased in Indiana Jones and the Previous Crusade.

Finally I head to Wadi Rum, the stunningly stunning desert that is been applied in plenty of flicks from Lawrence of Arabia to the Martian, and even Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.

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My name’s Karl, welcome to my channel that is all about sharing my backpacking adventures from about the entire world, by way of entertaining, entertaining and trustworthy journey documentaries.

By way of these films I want you – the audience – to escape and appear on the journey with me, and then be impressed to begin an journey of your own.

In concerning my travels I’m primarily based in London, British isles where by I operate as a freelance video clip editor.


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  1. 33:50 you don't have OCD personality. There's no such thing as "OCD personality." OCD is a serious, often debilitating disorder. It's very infuriating for a person who has genuine OCD hear someone say things like "I have an OCD personality" or "I'm a bit OCD about this or that…" You may be OCPD which is a totally different disorder. Other than that, great video.

  2. thank you for sharing with us. hopefully you have opened the eyes of the small minded people that assume extremism and terrorism is all over the middle east.
    to me it is the most beautiful place in the world, the people are kind, the culture and history is rich.
    thank you again.

  3. Ahh, we had to wait for such a long time for this video! 😉 What you have seen is amazing, really unfortunate that there weren't many people to share it with.. however I appreciate the honesty and the "non Instagram perfectness". Can't wait for more experiences and good luck moving!

  4. I started following you Karl. I found out you are amazing and I like the way you do filming, your stories and your video quality is excellent. Show us more videos and keep inspiring us. Good luck to your next journey and hope you visit Israel though!

  5. thank you for sharing made me remember everything I experienced in Egypt and Jordan I do agree Wadi Rum is amazing for me it was life changing experience. Greetings from Mexico .

  6. Thank you Karl. Ditto what everyone else is saying here. You don't get enough credit for the quality videos you've been uploading. Better then anything else on the web and tv.

  7. Mr. Watson, your talent is humbling. Your videos are excellent and they way you edit them is pure art and talent. You should be very proud of your prowess. I'm about to go to they Seychelles but after seeing this I am seriously contemplating going to Jordan. Very talented!!

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