#Egypt #journey Egypt: How Police and people take care of an Indian tourist !!

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This video is about my expertise in Luxor, a historical metropolis and very a well-liked tourist spot in Egypt. I satisfied locals and the Police. Look at how they reacted after knowing that I am an Indian! Like often, I have also shared info about some new subjects which can assist a traveller. I have shared inputs on how to get coach tickets in Egypt? I have recommended 3 means to reserve a coach ticket in the Egyptian Countrywide Railways program. Apart from that, based mostly on my expertise I have explained a thing about how to get cheap motels utilizing ‘Wego’ application and organise the whole trip utilizing ‘Google Trips’ application.

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  1. Sura means picture.Maybe she wanted to take a selfie with you. Bawaba means main gate and taskari means ticket.. Try Fasulia its a local food which is made of red or white kidney beans. Galaba is another veg cuisine.

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