#Egypt #journey Crimson Notify two | three vs three in Tour of Egypt with Crates

On-line multiplayer gameplay in cncnet, a participant vs participant match before be out of cncnet in weeks, this is just a warming match.

Command & Conquer: Crimson Notify two is a real-time approach online video recreation by Westwood Pacific, which was unveiled for Microsoft Windows on Oct 23, 2000 as the comply with-up to Command & Conquer: Crimson Notify. Crimson Notify two picks up at the conclusion of the Allied marketing campaign of the initial recreation. Its growth is Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge.



  1. It was my favorite match type but why you always ignore to put Guardian I.G and Marine inside the Battle Fortress??? I use to put Guardian GI and Marine inside Battle Fortress than no enemy can cross it!!! Mark my words!

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