#Egypt #journey BLACK AMERICAN Vacationers IN EGYPT

Ultimate working day in Luxor (we’re likely to Cairo tomorrow AKA next 7 days), ADAM hated our ideas, we journey on a wonderful felucca on the Nile River, and check out out the current market on a Friday! This is our final time here!

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  1. Very nice video although it is hot and unbearable you must try at least to cover your shoulders as respect to the people when you show too much skin in an Arab nation you might be inviting harassers.

  2. What are you trying to do show all the bad sides as much as possible though you been treated well as a foreign queen . Well you exactly deserves to get owned in white man's land.

  3. Hey, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience in Luxor, but believe me its very easy to avoid for future purposes just decide on the price beforehand, so they can't haggle, trick you, or surprise you afterwards, or simply have a friend from Egypt with you, we know the inns and outs and how to deal with such people. Im definitely NOT excusing his actions but just wish to explain to you, that tourism has been down by about 80 – 90% ever since the revolution in 2011, now sadly people who work with tourists can barely afford to feed their families on a regular basis, and so the number of scammers increased as they try to make up for what they lost. again absolutely NOT excusing what happened to it, just trying to keep your view on Egypt bright, and for you not to know that the people are not "innately evil" just caught in terrible circumstances. Sorry this happened to you and hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

  4. 500 pounds is $25 .. should have agreed on the amount before embarking .. you want to go local on the cheap & then blame the boatman .. should have stuck with a professional tour .. why did you guys even come to the country if you are going to wail & complain all the time .. if you immerse yourselves in the local population without knowing the language you have yourselves to blame .. these people you tried to use for your trip are not equiped to deal with tourists .. you wanted to do things on the dirt cheap & in the end you get what you pay for .. when we travel to america or europe we avoid slum areas or " scammers " because they do exist everywhere .. you are at a far greater risk of getting mugged or robbed in newyork or london than in luxor or cairo on any given day .. so please stop the hate & negativity ..

  5. You don't blame the Egyptian pharaohs for taking boats? What did you learn during your trip to Egypt apart from "scamming issues"? Did you arrange for a real tour guide in advance? Soun

  6. Yeah it’s because you were outside right at prayer time. When I lived in Egypt streets are empty during prayer, especially the Friday one.
    And they take hella advantage of tourist.
    -I remember they were charging foreigners like 100 Egyptian pounds to get in the pyramids. And my family and I got in with 2 pounds each cause of my cousin who spoke good Arabic.

  7. heyyy, im so sorry you got scammed! i promise there's a lot more good ppl in egypt.. u just need to know where to look away from business stuff! cause mots of those are only lookin for money..
    hope you enjoyed your time x

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