#Egypt #journey Ancient EGYPT DOCUMENTARY 2018 In Research of the Pyramid Architects

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The only a person of the seven wonders of the world still standing, the Excellent Pyramid of Khufu has fascinated individuals for generations. Tracing the origin of the legends of secret chambers concealed in the heart of the pyramid, resolving a four,500-calendar year-outdated secret, by next the initially scientific mission…

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  1. Joseph davidovits theory about geopolymer seems to be most logical and evident. Ancient concrete that looks like stone but is composed differently and deteriorates differently. That picture u posted early in the video actually shows the giants missing and making these blocks. They have bags of mix you can see them making and carrying and stacking them

  2. Pyramids were formed combining hemp straw , lime, clay then after sun drying were then fire kilned into stone similar to how modern pottery is hardened. The clay was indeed cut by copper prior to it hardening. Even TORAH speaks of Moses doing this labor in Egypt.

  3. why would Egyptians like to claim the pyramids as their own when pyramids are found in every continent? so have they travelled around then? or we are just seeing what we would like to see and dismiss the permeating truth that they are older and were created by a civilization that is globally rooted?

  4. There are many now that believe the great pyramid at Giza is the oldest, while the step pyramid came much later in dynastic Egypt.
    The theory of a civilization lost to a great cosmic event such as a comet impact (younger dryas mini ice age) is part of these theories, and the crater (or one of them) was recently found in Greenland by NASA.
    While Egyptology accurately describes the most recent history from 5-6000BC, they completely ignore or reject evidence of anything earlier.
    This is not a cutting edge, it's a summary of the old narrative that itself is eroding as more evidence of a megalithic culture in "pre-history" (20-30000BC). A civilization far more advanced and who attempted to communicate their knowledge (like time capsules) for the benefit of whomever survived. Egypt is one location where some of this may explain how they (and others (Gobekli Tepe) worked with such large materials and had knowledge of agriculture and architecture.

  5. What is more likely. Humans have previously achieved technical mystery then were erased in a cataclisims that few refuse to admit now or little green men came and did it hung around being worshiped as god for a bit then buggered off again . Humans humans humans. It is us and anyways has been. Hundreds of millions of years of system wide civilisation means many versions of home sapiens have existed altered to fit there colonial environment. Evedence is everywhere if you have the eyes to see.

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