#Egypt #journey Analyzing Egyptian Pyramids in the Digital Age

No cost Public Lecture

Yukinori Kawae, Study Fellow, Study Centre for Cultural Heritage and Textual content, Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University, Japan

Latest experiments of pyramids in the Memphis region of historical Egypt are remaining conducted from a number of perspectives, and archaeological facts about them is now readily available from both equally texts and excavations. The study facts of the pyramids, on the other hand, has not often been updated. Yukinori Kawae offered historical insights on the progress of pyramid development techniques and reviewed how a Japanese consortium is working with 3D documentation to update study facts in collaboration with the Japanese production organization, Tv Male UNION, working with drones and World Navigation Satellite Process tools.

This community lecture was recorded April 5, 2018 by Harvard Semitic Museum, one of the Harvard Museums of Science and Society.


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  1. Thank you immensely for your teams fantastic work. I thoroughly enjoyed the level of detail you were able to achieve. Due to your hard work and combined experience in your different fields. This is some of the most important detailed diagrams images of the pyramid I've ever seen. I've watched close to 150 videos some well exceeding 2.5hours plus pause time. For someone who has not yet travelled to Egypt this helps my technical way of thinking the most. I eagerly await your next project I'll attempt following you on social media. Although not a huge user of them.

  2. A purely scientific view and mechanical forensic analysis of the pyramids is ALL I think we will ever need to get to the actual truth that’s not tainted by outdated or previous archaeological dogma which may be creating serious blockages to unraveling the complexity of the designs and hence the true technical requirements that will likely lead us to: alter our assumptions of the technical prowess of the Egyptians, or that these structures pre-date the modern Egyptians and point toward a more ancient and advanced origin (for example). One thing to note here is that the separated scan layers of the upper sections of the pyramid, while very informative and exciting, still lack an accurate and comprehensive representation of the X,Y & Z surface design of each block; we need to actually disassemble parts of the structure and scan each stone. We do see a very basic teasing of some of the X surfaces, that are not flat as many are assumed to be, and are already proving the technical complexity. These stones are not heterogenous, the surfaces are not all flat or square either. This reveals that each and every stones was unique – non-modular – and present a scientific purpose well beyond the mainstream academic storyline to date. Again, purely scientific reviews like this WILL lead to the release from older way of thinking and a necessary restructuring of our history. I still believe that most logical explanation is that there was an advanced pre-historical civilization which was on a completely different evolutionary trajectory and had very different technical knowledge – still based in the same physical laws – but to a very different application and purpose. Randall Carlson’s work on the Younger Dryas impacts leads to a rather important piece of that puzzle as to what happened to our prehistoric predecessors and a vast majority of he ancient world. Very nice presentation here. I hope to see many more science directed efforts like this in the future and more from mechanical engineering POV as well. Great work.

  3. Having trouble understanding … ? Maybe it's more trouble LISTENING?
    If English speakers (and I only speak about my fellow Americans) bothered to learn different languages while in School (you know, that place you sat in for 12 years and did nothing but scratch your nuts!), maybe you'd be more enlighten and understanding of other cultures.
    What if the speaker was an Egyptian speaking with an Arabic (his own language) accent, would you all still complain like a bunch of whiny little cunts?
    AND just because he's Japanese, he's NOT allowed to study and become proficient and knowledgeable about other cultures? Are you all THAT narrow minded?

  4. Ok interesting survey material but history of who built these is outdated (inaccurate) information. Most of us studying this topic more carefully, are discovering advanced machining was used in construction as well as no real evidence of the dynastic Egyptians having built these megalithic structures. This video needs to be redone without using any of the dogma from "modern" archeologists about "pharaoh's tombs" etc.

  5. good info, nice used of thech; but this guys need to improve his communication skills, its tedious to keep listening the same tone of voice; put some life in u discoveries; no wonder simple people like me lost interest in science. 10k views for some breaking info about the pyramids its giving u a hint that u precious message is not getting too far. Its YouTube, so talk to the masses man. But Thank you for the nice vid, no offence.

  6. One of the things that I has always frustrated me about Egyptology is the difficulty in getting permission to do just about anything. I can certainly understand Egypt not wanting to give routine permission for invasive research involving digging and the dismantling of structures, but even the noninvasive technologies like ground penetrating radar were so often forbidden by clowns like Zahi Hawass when he was in charge there. I sure hope that a new attitude toward granting permission for research like this is taking hold in Egypt.

  7. The original builders of the pyramids were aware of the cycle of death the visits man and upon his re-emergence, he is left naked and blind without knowledge. This was remedied by creating indestructible structures with knowledge built within the math of the structure rather putting knowledge in objects that can be stolen and perverted

  8. Some brain damaged people who comment about the accent of this genius need to switch to different channel and watch some cartoons. This presentation belongs ONLY to the ones who have a brain that still in use.

  9. Finally some accurate measuring, orientation and modeling…I'm looking forward to purchasing a 3D lego type color coded fully interactive model made of transparent material that I can assemble and disassemble to reveal all inner chambers and passageways…visiting the Giza Plateau and spending some time inside the kings chamber was one of the most unique experiences I have had…i found it particularly confronting and forced me to question all theories no matter how scientific their presentation…it was clear to me that the genius mind that designed and put this thing together was an initiate of high degree – a god king like many of those chiselled into the walls of many of the monuments throughout Egypt…

  10. This guys should work with Architect JP Houdin, who reconstructed the pyramids in 3D CAD, and showed his theory of it's construction. He also hypothisized that the notch was part of an internal spiral ramp where the would stop and turn stones.

  11. So, did they find any dead Pharaohs this time so I no longer have to correct "Teachers" when State schools inform my Children they are tombs roll-eyes

    I'm impressed with the methods and i fully comprehended before watching what was involved however this video does cheekily tantalise the tastebuds erroneously. It is not really a discussion of the analysis, it is purely a discussion of the method of analysis. I doubt very much we'll get anything juicy before long because there is too much religious dogma in the world and they like to have wars too much to admit they're wrong about dates.

    Just for the record – no, i don't necessarily believe in ancient aliens and all that Daniken stuff but i do believe the fossil record on this planet is significantly wrong and has been repeatedly suppressed/misrepresented to agree, more or less, with scriptures and not geophysical evidence.

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