#Egypt #journey An Elevator in the Wonderful Pyramid of Egypt? The Hidden Tomb of Pharaoh Khufu? | Ancient Architects

I’ve been indicating to make a movie on the Wonderful Pyramid Elevator Idea for pretty some time but have held back since I required to get my head all-around it, if it actually is feasible and the implications if the concept is true.

There are in simple fact two various hypotheses out there that declare that there is at the very least one elevator shaft in the good pyramid.

One particular theory suggests that elevator shafts have been utilised for development, one thing that Bob Crielly has completed a good deal of get the job done on (hyperlink below to his ebook), but an additional is that a concealed elevator shaft hides the elusive remains of Pharaoh Khufu, and this is the hypothesis I’ll be focussing on in this movie.

I’ve been looking at a theory on a translated Russian internet site, linked below, and I regrettably simply cannot locate the name of the researcher who came up with the concept, but I know he or she has set a good deal of work into it. I scoffed at it at first and dismissed it, but the far more I go through, the far more impressed I am, so here is a convoluted appear at the Wonderful Pyramid Elevator hypothesis. Make sure you observe, like and subscribe.

Russian internet site:
Bob Crielly’s ebook:

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  1. Excellent Video. Never heard of this before. I have been trying to tie the black oblong metallic markings on the King Chambers ceiling but nothing comes to mind yet! Surely they would have decorated the Kings chamber if they really were trying to bluff people? That Pyramid needs a real thorough going over.

  2. Interesting idea. Though why anyone would undertake such an operation for a tomb is beyond even the most outlandish ego trips.
    This is always the dichotomy you see in ancient archaeology: they had "primitive beliefs" yet were advanced beyond us in engineering, even today, yet academics ignore the irony in that.
    It just makes no sense, unless what they "believed in" was a real phenomenon, or it wasn't a burial chamber.
    I believe it could be a decoy – disguised as a tomb – but holding something much more important than a petrified corpse. Only that would make sense, or that the pyramid once had a function.

  3. why wouldnt they just build two chambers.
    i really dont see any reason to lower a chamber down when you could just build it there.
    no. theres no elevator in the great pyramid. russians are just stupid.

  4. Wow, what an amazing theory and not outwith the realms of possibility.
    However I know that man alone did not construct the pyramids…… To construct such a vast structure would be difficult today never mind such a long time ago.
    IF man was involved, then he wasn't alone.

  5. What we need is some kind of tech that can give us x-ray "slices" of the entire pyramid. Something that can give us images of the whole thing but in slices like slices of a whole bread. that way we can look at each slice individually and see what we can't see at the moment! I hope this makes sense.

  6. It’s not whether or not it was Khufu’s tomb. It’s whether its older than his lifetime and has been repurposed. You touch on this so why keep explicitly repeating the question of if it was his tomb or not.

  7. Quarts is soluble in basic water, and acidic or neutral water that has passed over limestone will always become basic because of the lime. So the quarts probably has nothing to do with water. Also the lime in flowing water tends to deposit in the manner we see in caves.

  8. No way an elevator could be built by stone BLOCKS , that tight fitting. Unless it was lowered in an insanely precise way it would simply fall apart when different parts of it would get hinged at the sides. Has any similar elevators ever been found in egypt or anywhere else in the world?

  9. Rational.
    Ticks so many boxes of the Kings chamber anomalies.
    And not a stretch of the imagination considering the intricate engineering of the rest of the monument; in fact something like this hypothesis should almost be a given all aspects considered

  10. WoW! this theory certainly ticks off a few boxes. I think you've got a concept stuck in my head with this one, so thank you very much. I'm off to do some digging of my own into this one. Wish I had Super Mans X-ray vision right about now.

  11. Well if the kings chamber was a decoy then they should've made it look real with some paint on the walls or something. The theory hinges on things that just don't make sense, you should've just came right with it and said Khufu built the pyramid.

  12. This is a descender, not an elevator!!
    There doesn't seem to be any way for the stone to rise.

    Right boys, time to break out the SONAR and drills
    Let's see if we can get a metal ping, either by dropping a penny, or getting a picture.

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