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very best match of Efren Bata Reyes in German Tour Fianle 2015/2016 and Money game 2016. like, subscribe, see additional videos at

German Tour Finale 2015/2016 Efren Reyes vs Thomas Schlegemilch.

Tobias Bongers vs Efren Reyes – German Tour Finale 2015/2016 run by REELIVE Im Kommentar mit Ralph G. Eckert und Raphael Wahl .

Just one Poket: Efren Reyes vs Benjamin Baier – German Tour Finale 2015/2016 run by REELIVE .

Efren Reyes vs Martin Poguntke – 50K Money Video game German Tour 2015/2016 ———————————- Many thanks for looking at ————————————- Enjoy .