EF Tours, Spain 2018 #Spain #vacation

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What if Muslims Won at the Struggle of Excursions? #Spain #vacation

In 732, Islamic forces invaded France in what they considered would be an straightforward victory. As an alternative they were being crushed back by Charles the Hammer which permitted Christian Europe to for the next couple hundreds of years fight towards the Moors in Spain. What if Muslims on the other hand received at the […]

1941 Eva Braun’s Trip to Italy #Italy #travel

Late Summer, 1941. Eva Braun, with her mother and her sister Gretl, takes a holiday in Italy, on the beach of Portofino. They travel by air on the late model personal Hitler’s plane. At the cockpit Hans Baur, his personal pilot, him too courtesy of the Fuhrer himself! Private amateur Agfachrome film from the Eva […]


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