EF Tours High School Trip to the Toledo, Spain #Spain #travel

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EF Tours High School Trip to the Toledo, Spain

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Video Camera:
I shoot everything on my iPhone. I used to use iPhone 6s. Now, I use iPhone X/Xs 4k mode (once you go 4k, can’t go back). Get the highest storage possible. If you’re a true minimalist travel blogger, you’ll need it

Videos Editing:
I edit all my vides on my phone. A lot easier than transferring to my computer:

I used to use Splice on the iPhone (free, but only does 1080 resolution).

For my 4k Videos, I use iPhone X/Xs and Luma Fusion:

DJI Mavic Air – Best Travel drone hands down!
Get the Fly More Combo (mostly for the batteries. It’s cheaper to get the batters with the combo, than to buy them separately)

Love this case too for the Mavic Air. I take it on all my travels:

File Transfer:
I love SendAnywhere. It’s like a AirDrop, but it actually works 100% of the time and you can send multiple GB sized files


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