EASY JOB A little trip to Italy in 5 days #Italy #travel

This video is a trip to Italy and back to Belgium in 5 days (Ypres Amiens Tunnel Mt Blanc Bologna Alba Saluzzo Tunnel Frejus Rodange Dendermonde Aalst Ypres 3000kms)..
A long video, made day by day ,the first week of july. In this video i have meet some friends and colleagues….i speak sometime in french, english and italian….sorry for my french accent
video made with Magix video deluxe 17plus
for the quality ;it is in HD 720p MP4 1,78GO 01h19min
THE MUSIC ON THIS VIDEO comes from Jamendo. ,with songs of Brad Sucks,Tenpenny Jokes,Rein,Millionaire Blonde,Fresh Body Shop,FloppyDee,and INXS on the radio Classic 21


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