dwelling in venice/ go to supermarket


  1. Graffiti? So what! The Italians have been marking their territory since Roman Times. It’s no big thing there. Go with the flow, folks, or stay your asses home in your newer, common, mediocre, suburban cookie-cutter frame houses.

    I can’t wait to visit Venezia this October to see some of that graffiti. I love old buildings. And if some show some wear, like an old book, I’ll turn those pages and enjoy the fragrance. The older, the better. Anyone who thinks this city is rundown is an arrogant Fucktard. From what I’ve seen in photos and videos so far, anyone with any sense can see that it’s an historic masterpiece.

  2. Thank you! I loved it. I want to visit!! So much character…who cares what the naysayers think. I'm currently living in Texas. Believe me there are parts here that look like a dump. I've lived in 13 different states and I lived in Germany for 5 years. I loved how you walked to the supermarket!!

  3. That's what we would consider a long walk to the supermarket here in America! No wonder you see less overweight people in Europe! Loved the video. Ignore the ignorant comments here. Thanks for posting this, Fodoobeer!

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