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Whatever your pleasure – sandy beaches for sunbathing, shopping or visiting the tallest building in the World, Dubai has it all. Your Wizz Air Ambassador Alice and Brad the traveler are here to be your host on this excellent journey.

As-salaam ‘alaykum! Shopping, deserts, sunny weather and an unbelievable scale of luxury awaits you here: Welcome to Dubai!

Part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the quintessential home of sand, sun and shopping. A century ago, it was a tranquil port of Bedouin traders and pearl divers.

Today, the merchants have gone international deluxe, and science-fiction skyscrapers stand alongside the mosques and wind-towers of Old Dubai.

Don your sunglasses and latest designer gear – Dubai is rich, lavish and absolutely fabulous.

Dubai’s signature landmark is the Burj Al-Arab, the famous sail-shaped 7* hotel facing the Arabian Gulf. This magnificent hotel is truly the spot for James Bond movies and superstars.

Shop till you drop in Dubai, where you find the largest shopping malls in the World with an incredible variety of brands.

To enter the only mosque in the United Arab Emirates open to non-Muslim visitors, make your way to Jumeirah Mosque, which was designed to provide a better understanding of Islam.

Skyscrapers don’t get any taller than Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest structure on the planet. Soaring 828 meters, with more than 160 stories!

Ride the elevator to the 124th-floor Observation Deck for astounding views over Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, or take a wander through the gardens and fountains of Burj Khalifa Park.

For many visitors, the best authentic shopping is found in the city’s traditional souks, or markets. Two of Dubai’s most famous markets are the Gold Souk and Spice Souk.

Whether you are visiting to buy or just look around , these places are certainly worth your visit. And remember – it is expected that you bargain.

Good-bye Brad!

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