#dubai #travel Welcome to Dubai 2015

Dubai used to be a small desert town, but it turned into a beloved holiday destination. A dream vacation. It is an ideal destination for any trip, leisure or business related. For instance, visit the Dubai museum, do a citytrip, or take a boattrip to see the beautiful skyline. There are so many places to visit! You could go to a mall, the beach or any of the islands. So if you want to go Dubai on holiday, or need inspiration for your next destination, check out our video.

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Lourda Sexton takes you on an amazing journey through Dubai. Showing you all Dubai has to offer from cultural activities, shopping and all other things that make Dubai a place like no other!

A local television personality informs you on the finest a destination has to offer in terms of: Culture, Activities, Shopping and Wining & Dining. Check out our latest productions Welcome to Dubai, Welcome to Amsterdam, Welcome to Johannesburg and Welcome to The Hague and many more. Feel free to watch, like and share!

Headquartered in Amsterdam with a regional office in Dubai, CityFilm Media has a leading position in creating destination campaigns. In partnership with the public and the private sector the campaigns are resulting in high quality entertaining travel shows presented by national celebrities.
In order to inform, attract & inspire domestic and international tourism, CityFilm develops a powerful multi-media platform and reaches millions of viewers.


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