#dubai #travel Top 10 Places to Visit In Dubai

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1. Burj Khalifa
If you visit Dubai and don’t visit the Burj Khalifa, you are doing a grave mistake. While you go on a journey from level 0 to level 124, you will be travelling up the length of the world’s tallest tower and also learning about the history and culture of Dubai through some multimedia presentations. There is an observation deck at level 124 from where you can see the city and beyond with the help of optical telescope. This building a monument in its own right and a marvel of modern engineering and architecture.
2. Burj Al Arab
Often called the only 7 star hotel in the world; you will find luxury pushed beyond your imagination. Constructed on a manmade island, this architectural masterpiece looks like the sail of a huge boat. If you want to experience the super luxurious Dubai style hospitality, this is the best place to be.
3. Ski Dubai
Whoever conceptualized a ski resort in an unpleasant desert must have been a man of some mighty mettle. However, those who really created it are to be given the credit as well. You can come here for skiing all the year round as the temperature of this resort is always at -4 degree Celsius.
4. The Dubai Mall
If you have come here to stay, you must go here to shop. This mall features more than 1200 retail stores and shopaholics can honestly spend a lifetime in roaming around the largest mall in the world.
5. The Dubai Fountains
Located alongside the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Fountains. Every evening a show is performed here where the various streams of water dance along with numerous lights. Placed in the Burj Kahlifa Lake,
6. Palm Island
A manmade island that has some wonderful beaches, luxurious hotels, spas, amusement spots, theme parks, shopping malls and everything that you can think of. The Palm Jumeirah is made in the shape of a palm tree and this is again a place where Dubai shows off how technologically advanced it is in providing the best tourist places in the world.
7. Dubai Creek
where everything is pretty much man made, there is one natural spot that will attract your attention, the Dubai Creek. A great place to take a water taxi and take a look at the busy trading routes of Dubai.
8. Global Village
f you are visiting between November and March and are distinctly interested in culture and heritage, then this is the place for you. The Global Village provides a great shopping experience with local handicrafts and some exotic cuisines you would have never tasted before. Also enjoy music, dance and other performances.
9. Dubai Museum
Located in the heart of Dubai inside the Al Fahidi Fort. The museum doesn’t have a single theme and you can find anything and everything from old timey maps to weapons, instruments and various artifacts for your viewing pleasure. Spend a quiet day here and still be mesmerized by Dubai.
10. Go Dune Bashing
ake a desert safari or a powerful SUV and ride along the sand dunes of Dubai. There is nothing in world that can match this practice and you must certainly come here with a guide or a driver who can take you on this fantastic and mind bogging ride. Truly, it feels so great that you would want to do it again and again. We call it a natural desert roller coaster.
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