#dubai #travel Top 10 Most Amazing Things Only Seen in Dubai

Dubai, The most amazing place in the world. Top 10 Most Amazing and Luxurious things only seen in Dubai is brought to you by Top10List.
The Greatest City on earth Dubai is one of the most sophisticated, developed and corporate city in the world. The Palm Island, Dubai UAE – Megastructure Development being the best of them. Also Famous For DubaiI Luxary Homes. Driving towards tourism from oil-based economy, Dubai has some architecture which has pushed the limit of impossible setting new definition of engineering THE LUXURY DUBAI LIFESTYLE. Billionaire of the The United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Here is the list of things
Exotic Police Cars in Dubai
Most Expensive Fountain
Largest Mall in the world is in Dubai
The tallest building in the world is in dubai
The under water suites of Atlantis The Plam Hotel
The Only seven star hotel Burj Al Arab
The Plam Islands
High Rise Tennis Courts
Gold ATMs

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