#dubai #travel Spring Break 2015 in Dubai | Brooklyn and Bailey

We just arrived back home from Spring Break in Dubai, and we loved every minute of it! We took over 3 hours of footage, and whittled it down to this 22 minute vlog, and hope that you can feel what is was like to have been on vacation with us!

About six months ago, we noticed that on the BeautyCon website, they were asking fans to vote on the next location for their beauty event. Dubai was the top vote getter by a long ways, but BeautyCon decided to go with #2 instead and hold a BeautyCon in Dallas TX, along with NY and LA. We felt sad for all of the fans in Dubai who wanted so desperately for YouTubers to visit their country, enough to get the most votes in the poll.

We talked about this as a family, and decided that we are able to do what we love because of each one of you. We decided to start saving some money aside and using it to go out to you. Our first destination??? Yes, you guessed it… Dubai!

A few highlights of our trip were the Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Al Ain, Desert Jeep Safari, The Grand Mosque, etc! Most importantly, we had a chance to meet so many of you during our whole week there! We held a meet-up in Zabeel Park, expecting about 200-250 fans would come. We were shocked that nearly 1,500 of you showed up, and we extended the meet-up form 2 hrs to 4 hours just so that we could meet as many of you that we could! That was one of the most rewarding experiences of our YouTube lives so far! We thank and love you all, for those who came and those who were unable to come! We promise to visit you again!

Hope you enjoy this vlog, and feel more a part of our family!

💋’s -Brooklyn


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