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One of the most popular sports in the Emirates maybe as the heritage of the English protectorate is golf. Most of the luxury
hotels have a golf course. Water sports, diving and horse riding have also spread. Tennis and squash can be done in any hotel but archery and go kart are also popular. To compensate for the heat, indoor skating and skiing on artificial snow are also popular.

Arabian countries haven’t escaped Americanization or globalization either so we can sit in a McDonald’s,
drink Coca Cola, eat a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Dunkin Donut at every corner. You can find Pizzahut
and Taco Bells in the shopping centers so those not so fond of Arabian cuisine won’t go hungry. But it’s
a shame to renounce the exotic spicy flavors. We can try the original kebab and falafel also known in
Europe. Don’t miss the spice market. The former colonizing nations base their economy on their ship
caravans loaded with fabulous herbs. This fabulous economy is in front of us in jute sacks of the stands
of the spice bazaar. Hot pepper and fragrant vanilla, yellow curry and expensive saffron, cinnamon of
spicy scent, caraway, bay leaf, star anise and nutmeg, besides, herbs, food stuffs, oily seeds, vegetable
and fish are also sold here.

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