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United Arab Emirates Travel Guide
Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Abu Dhabi, the capital and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Its
territory covers 87% of the emirates and its population totals 1,002,000.

The name Abu Dhabi means father of the gazelle. Its territory covers 87% of the emirates. Its
population totals 1,002,000 due to the immense uninhabitable dessert, life is concentrated on three
areas, the capital and the oasis cities of Al Ain and Liwa. The capital was constructed on one of the
islands belonging to the emirate. The ruler’s palace and one of the most modern universities in the Arab
world are to be found in Al Ain while the center of economics is based in the capital. The emirate of Abu
Dhabi was established in 1761 by the Boneas Bedouin tribe next to a fresh water spring. Dubai
separated from the emirates in 1833 under the leadership of the Maktoums. The area’s wealth began
with the export of oil in 1962 from which the population has yet to see profit. Four years later Zayed Bin
Sultan Al Nahyan Sheikh enjoying the support of his family took command from his brother Shuck Bold
Sheikh with a bloodless palace revolution. Abu Dhabi’s prosperity started then enhanced by the
withdrawal of the British. Vast incomes originating from oil served the country’s development under
the leadership of Zayed Sheikh. The high standard of living is thanks to him. His death in 2004 caused
deep mourning in every Arab country. Zayed Sheikh was the second richest state leader after the Saudi
King. His private fortune totals more than $20 billion. His fortune and his title were inherited by crown
prince Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who was at the same time elected the new president of the United
Arab Emirates. The city of Abu Dhabi was built on a T shaped island connected to the land by two
bridges. The city’s appearance, similar to Dubai is determined by skyscrapers. Office blocks, hotels and
business centers exemplified a mix of traditional and modern architecture. There are many more green
areas and parks in the city than in any other desert country. The other striking feature is that mosques
were built at a distance of 1km from each other to make them as accessible as possible for the believers.
The locals enjoy an evening walk along the promenade, called Corniche. Tourists soon fall in love with
the coastal sector lined with coffee shops and restaurants with an outstanding view of the sea. It’s
certain worthwhile seeing Al Hosn Fortress, the great mosque, the oriental carpet house, the heritage
museum and the central market.

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