#dubai #travel 5 Dubai’s Greatest Skyscrapers – Dubai Travel Guide

See our picks for 5 of Dubai’s greatest skyscrapers.

Dubai has some of the world’s greatest skyscrapers. Here are 5 of them:

Number 5 is the Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building. This impressive, 2,716 foot, 160-story waterfront building, serves several purposes including hotel, retail, office, and residential space. Towering over the city, Burj Khalifa holds many records for height and occupancy.

Number 4 – The dynamic ‘Princess Tower’ has more than 100 floors and is over 1,350 feet tall. Engrossing more than three quarters of an acre of land, the giant dome topped tower houses more than 760 apartments ranging in size from 1 to 4 bedrooms. As the name implies, Princess Tower won’t be lacking in high-end amenities.

Number 3 – is the Burj Al Arab. The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Hotel stands out from the shoreline. Burj Al Arab is among the tallest hotels in the world, at 1053 feet of total height. The stylish all-suite hotel has around 200 suites. It is constructed on an artificial island that took three years to fortify.

Number 2 – Elite Residence – This luxurious 91-story tall residential building is located in the Dubai Marina, one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city. It is located close to many famous landmarks of Dubai such as the Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

Number 1 – 23 Marina – This 1,247 foot, 90 story residential building was built by Hircon International. It has 8 floors dedicated to car parking, accessible by high-speed elevators. The apartments in this building offer breathtaking views of the city and Dubai Marina.


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