#dubai #travel 10 Things You Should NEVER Do In Dubai

Top 10 things you should never do in Dubai
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From being gay to using your left hand, we countdown the top 10 banned things you should never do in Dubai. It’s considered very offensive to use your left hand in Dubai. It is rude to touch things, open doors, eat food or shake hands with people with your left hand. This is because the left hand is to be used for cleaning yourself after going to the toilet. Dubai has strict rules regarding clothing, particularly for women. Women are expected to cover their shoulders and knees. Mini-skirts and crop tops are banned and can lead to arrest if authorities deem your clothing to be too offensive. In most busy cities, you will find street performers and buskers. However, in Dubai the only places you will find these people is in jail. It is not allowed to publicly sing or dance in Dubai. You are not publicly allowed to show much kind of affection for your significant other in Dubai. People found kissing in public can be arrested and sometimes even sent back to their own countries if visiting on vacation. Publicly drinking is banned in Dubai. You can drink at home if you wish, however you have to apply for a liquor licence. You must also get a permit to be able to drink in licensed venues. If you are homosexual and planning to travel to Dubai, you might want to keep your sexual orientation hidden. This is because any sexual relations outside of a traditional heterosexual marriage is illegal in Dubai. As a tourist, you will likely want to document your stay with some photos. But beware what you take photos of. While in other big cities around the world, people may be more tolerant of being a model for some street photography. However, in Dubai, locals will not take kindly to you taking photos of them without permission. Taking photographs of government buildings is also prohibited in the country. Dubai has 0 tolerance for any drug related offences. The penalties for smuggling and possession of even small amounts can lead to severe punishments such as the death penalty. While in most busy cities it is a common sight to see drivers giving each other the finger or people having explicit arguments in the street. In Dubai, swearing of any sort is strictly prohibited. Swearing and making rude gestures is considered as obscene acts and can get you arrested or deported. These punishments also apply to people caught swearing online. One of the most offensive things you could do in Dubai is be nude, or very partially dressed in a public area. Even on beaches people are expected to wear modest swimsuits, rather than bikinis.

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