Dubai skyscraper fire on New Year's Eve

An unplanned New Year’s spectacle in Dubai: a frightening inferno at a downtown skyscraper not far from the celebrations.

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  1. Plz stop taking videos and photos of your naibours or if u are only in that building will u take photos and videos of we see from out side u will think just a fire but if u are in then only u know the pain

  2. I remember when I was 5, I saw the ruins of this hotel while eating outside, near the Dubai Mall. I never thought that it was THIS bad. Good thing I watched the fireworks from a few kilometers away, in my old house.

  3. I remember I watched that in real life 4 years ago I was 8 years old and back then I used to play karate so by the time I waited I played some sports and then when I got tired I thought the celebration had started but it was the complete opposite I saw hundreds of police men and some were right in front of me but then they stopped the fire and we all got over it when the celebration acctually started

  4. Looks like the experts are right this building didnt collapse thru fire yet 3 did in 2001 how amazing is that.if buildings collapsed that perfect as they did and i had just paid millions tp a demolition company to lay explosives to drop a building in its own footprint in 7 seconds i would want my money back. All you have to do is set fire at top and it will collapse perfectly. I say we dont beed demo experts

  5. I remember that I was right in front of Dubai Mall watching the fireworks show from the highway area.
    My parents and I brought chairs for such an occasion.

    But Me and everyone else there was shocked when we say the burning building. Even after the fireworks show and everyone started to leave, some still watch the fire from the building.

    I myself was watching the fire more than the fireworks, but I had to head back into the mall with my parents since we needed to eat (skipped dinner) and our car was in the parking garage beside the mall.


  7. I was there for celebration new year 2016 and it was horrible night everything going bad..thanks God I changed my mind to not ate in that restaurant in that hotel opinion crowded time there

  8. What a waste of money, what a nice punishment from god, these guys are nothing but a disgrace to humanity, they took 0 'refugees' of their own brothers and sisters, some people are well fed while the others just simply suffer. Do you know how hard it is for middle class immigrants to make their kids go to a basic school in that country, it is so ridiculous you don't even want to talk about it.

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