Drone video shows deserted streets, square of Venice under lockdown | ABC News

Drone video shows the streets of Venice, its iconic cathedral and square completely deserted, as Italy remains under lockdown.
Italy has at least 178,972 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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  1. It's so empty cuz our lock down is different, we have to have a reason to get out, only for buying essential stuff or walk the dog, after 6pm no one is allowed to get out of their houses.

    In America i think that you can get out whenever you want as long as you keep the social distancing, correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. Here’s an interesting podcast by the BBC showing why the US health system failed to protect Americans. Have a listen to the disease experts and epidemiologists in this, and you’ll realise how much damage Trump done to America by cutting so much funding of things he didn’t understand. That was even before Covid 19 existed, then listen to how the shambles unfolded in the last few months because the cuts had caused so much damage within health agencies. It’s an interesting story whether you like Trump or not.


  3. CHINA need to be sanctioned for starting this whole mess and be made to PAY Every country affected amd citizens affected by CV19 they release on the WORLD -+-spank that big fat communist toddler Kim Juan Oune !!!

  4. “What would happen if every human being on Earth disappeared? This isn’t the story of how we might vanish, it it is story of what happens to the world we leave behind.”

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