Drinking in Public, Journey to Germany #Germany #travel

What do you imagine about drinking in general public? In Germany, it would seem to be working really effectively.

I know that some of the footage is from a festival location, where it is pretty much usually authorized even if there is any restriction about drinking in general public, but the only restriction in that festival was not becoming able to provide your own consume from the outside the house 🙂

Audio by Silent Companion

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  1. You can legally drink beer and wine at 14, IF your parents supervise you, and buy it for you! You can buy and consume it legally with 16.
    But…Your parents might enforce you to not buy any of such with your poket money… or they might even just vorbid you to buy it.
    I like that the laws support a gradual growth into a social drinking culture. I think realy helps learn how to find your personal limits and to develop a responsible way to deal with alkoholic bevarages.
    In my humble opinion the US ways of having people to get to deal with high percentage spirits right at their 21th birthday without any previous expirience is totally flawed.

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