Do NOT make these Problems as a Vacationer in Germany #Germany #vacation

Ya dwell and ya learn. Do not make these issues in the course of your German vacation adventures! Did I overlook anything at all else? Comment them beneath!

#Germany #TravelGermany

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  1. Just another add: don't ask for the bathroom; people who only have a very limited command of the English language will think you look for a place where you can take a bath (Badezimmer). Ask for the toilet (Toilette) instead; any German will understand that.

  2. Good Tips in general, but the card/cash thing is a little exaggerated. Every place that very likely will receive >50€ will accept cards. Newer reading devices also accept Phones.
    100% of the Hotels, Gas Stations, Supermarkets belong to that. The problem is, the Euroepean Card system is completly different than the American since they directly refer to your bank account.
    The Americans do the detour via a credit card company- don't know why – and pay a 1-2% fee for that (most often the dealer pays that). This is why dealers sometime deny to accept credit cards.
    So 90% will accept it today, but you cannot rely. This is not a matter of being oldfashioned- it's a matter of charges – credit cards are just too expensive. (With the european giro card, the dealer pays something like 0,10-0,20€ per transaction, not 2€ of a 100€ bill.) And still for the giro card, they say sometimes "accepted if you buy for more than 10€", meaning "The dealer is only willing to pay the 0,10€ transaction, if you buy at least for 10€". Cash is just cheaper.

  3. agreed, fully 🙂 it's always fascinating to see how "foreigners" think and blend in to our society. besides i don't consider you and christopher as foreigners lol you guys are german to the core lol much love

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