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DIRTY HARRY Streetwise San Francisco police detective Harry Callahan will nail the serial killer Scorpioone way or the otherno matter what the system prescribes. Don Siegel directs one of the best police thrillers ever made.

MAGNUM FORCE Sharpshooting rookie motorcycle cops have turned vigilante, eliminating crooks the courts cant touch thereby venturing into Harrys cross-hairs. Written by future directors John Milius and Michael Cimino.

THE ENFORCER When terrorists rob an arms warehouse and go on a bloody extortion spree, city leaders seek out Callahan, whos now teamed with a lady partner (Tyne Daly) with two jobs: tracking down the terrorists and winning Harrys confidence.

SUDDEN IMPACT On an out-of-town assignment, Harry tracks a traumatized rape victim (Sondra Locke) coldly gunning down her bygone attackers. Fueled by the line that became a national catchphrase: Go ahead. Make my day.

THE DEAD POOL Fame isnt Callahans style. Hed rather not be lumped in with a rocker, a film critic and a talk-show host. Theyre slain celebrities named in a mysterious betting pool. And Harry just joined the list.

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Region Free
Action, Vari
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BD 50, BD 25

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