Differences between Germany & USA (With a trip to a German grocery store!) #Germany #travel

Hey everyone,

In today’s video I’m sharing with you the things that made the biggest differences from moving to Germany from the USA!

Check out my last video where I talked about why I moved to Germany

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  1. Sorry, but you talk a lot of nonsense about the differences between the USA and Germany. I am German and have lived and worked a few years ago in Southern California for 18 months and can therefore make up my own mind: First the driving, in the USA you get a driving license for a few dollars – in Germany you need 1-2 months (pay about two thousand Euro), have to pass 3 exams: Health (eyes), theory (rules) and driving practice. Maybe this is the reason why there are fewer accidents (per capita) in Germany than in the USA, although we have highways without speed limits.

    "Red Bull" is a product from Austria, it is sold all over Europe the same way as in Germany – for the USA it was over-sugared, simply because the taste is different (and definitely unhealthier) there.

    Next point: dryers. Even my parents had one, and I have one with exhaust air to outside. So do all my neighbors. Nevertheless, we all hang our laundry outside sometimes – for environmental reasons and because it smells better 🙂 And Sundays in Germany you obviously didn't get it at all, not everything is closed (only shops) but everything is open that is fun. Amusement parks, restaurants, cafés and all places of interest are open. It's all about having a good quality time with the family, you make it sound as if everyone is sitting at home waiting for the shops to open again. That is complete nonsense. Sunday is family day, with adventures and fun..

    Sorry, I've seen many videos about the differences between our two countries (I really enjoyed my one and a half year in California and love a lot – not everything – about the USA), but I haven't seen a video as superficial as yours. I recommend "Wanted Adventure" by Dana, she has been living in Germany for 8 or more years now and has made many very good videos about the cultural differences.

  2. I can completely relate to your point about catching connections in public transportation.  When I was a student, the bus schedule from my home to the train station and the train schedule to my university were so unfortunately aligned, that every morning I had a choice between either 30 seconds of sprinting like crazy or 30 minutes of waiting around with nothing to do.  This was in the days before smartphones, mind you, so I really do mean nothing to do but stand around and wait.
    As for the fast food chains, I expect they're forced to use different, higher-quality ingredients in Europe to prepare the same dishes, in order to comply with the local food standards and safety laws.

  3. Expensive? Groceries are cheaper and healthier compared to the US. Perhaps except you buy only shit stuff like you did. Like everything else you tell: Are you so stupid or just predicting so?

  4. Hi Jasmine, your videos are great.What comes into my mind watching especially this video is – you're not looking into the camera. Most of the time it seems that you look (from your side) to the right of the camera.

  5. Your comment regarding the Blitzers needs to be taken with a grain of salt. You want to make a statement, ok. But if you cannot slow down in order to follow speed signs than you are asleep at the wheel. And that is no good anyway while driving. If you are driving with a mindset that traffiy signs don't need to be heeded you pay your contribution to keep the roads up. Hehe! And getting a way overpriced photo as a bonus!

  6. When you feel like a beginner on the street it is you are one for the German traffic rules.
    You should look up the the traffic signes.
    There is one that says that a U-turn is not allowed. http://www.strassenschilder.de/vorschriftszeichen/wendeverbot/
    You can do U-Turns on crossings when it is not forbidden but you have to give the right of way to the other cars.
    Using your phone (holding it in your hand) is forbidden. This means no phoing, texting, filming or pushing bottons for music or the navigation.
    You should buy a mounting with a sucking cup, you can mount it oin the windscreen. This is allowed. And you must use the speakerphone than of course or a headset.
    I don't know what your problems with the navigation system are and which you are using but from own experience. The ones you have to pay for are better and have newer maps.
    And have a better data for which roads are closed.
    And like one other user said. Check if your licenses is vaild. When you are over the time it is like driving without a license.
    It can get very expensive, even be punished with jail and this not only for the driver but also for the car owner.

  7. Sundays: all Restaurants have open more or less… Gas stations are open . Bakeries for appr.2 to 4 hours.. open
    flower Shops some hours… main stations have many Shops open..In Tourist areas more or less all open…and driving in Germany.. critics … you are the first.
    You see not all is closed..Germany takes care for the people to have resting time.
    Because all is tiny and small maybe you consider to go back ? or do you prefer our
    health care System and other social achievements like 25 days payed holiday?
    Maybe its better here ?

  8. An American lady who appears to be authentic giving a sh… on whitewashed political correctness. Refreshing. I guess you're used to take some hurdles that will eventually come. I wish you all the best.

  9. Here in Hamburg (main-station) you also can go to Edeka-supermarket and to Rossmann-drugstore on Sunday. They are opened every day from 7 o clock until 23 o clock. I think in the most big cities (for example Munich, Cologne, Berlin) somewhere you will find open stores on Sunday. Okay, when you live in a little village, you could have a problem… But up to now never in my life I had the desire to buy eggs or noodles on a Sunday.

  10. Wie kann man nur so haßerfüllt sein: "I hate it, hate, hate it – my Gosh!" How much I hate it!"
    Das paßt gut zu der abfälligen und primitiven Mimik, wie man sie bei uns hier nur aus dem Glasscherbenviertel her kennt!

  11. if i got you right, you want to stay for a long time in Germany. So pls make sure that your driving licence is valid here and ask for informations at your local "Fahrerlaubnisbehörde" im "Landratsamt". if i remember it well and if nothing chanaged, you can carry a motor vehicle for a maximum of six months after your entry into Germany. During this time, a translation with classification of the U.S. driver's license must be carried. At the end of the six months, your driving licence expires. You will then have to take care of the reclassification of your US driving license into a German driving license. You must personally apply for the German driving licence and contact your competent road traffic office (driving licence office) at your place of residence. The driver's license office will enter a note in your German driving licence that you have presented a US driving licence. The driver's license office sends the U.S. driver's license back to the U.S. Driver's License Authority or detains the U.S. driver's license. You will only receive your US driving licence if you return your German driving licence. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: informier dich halt!

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