Desires BETA May NOT HAVE VR | Journey To Spain | Playstation VR Could Come to be Structure Regular #Spain #vacation

frank here, your CM @FirstContactEnt for Firewall Zero Hour and today we see why the desires beta may perhaps not have #vr, we vacation to Catalonia Spain, and see how PlayStation VR could grow to be the style typical for VR Headsets, all that and a lot more on the #PSVR frank clearly show.

Legends of Catalonia:

Desires Won’t Assistance PSVR in Beta:

PS Leases VR Structure To Lenovo:

Ark Park Retail:

Tetris Result Demo:


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  1. I have the first psvr headset, but would love to get the improved psvr headset. Should I spend the money to upgrade or should I wait until a psvr "version 2" to release. Unplugging and plugging because there's no hdr passthrough is really getting old.

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