Deserted since Covid-19, Venice reflects on mass tourism and its limits

Italy, severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, is counting on the reopening of European borders to save the summer holiday season. This is particularly true for Venice, one of the country’s most visited destinations. Usually severely overcrowded, La Serenissima has found itself without tourists since the lockdown, although they are now arriving back in small numbers. But the city is today questioning its economic model based on mass tourism. Could the Covid-19 crisis become an opportunity to rethink the future of Venice? Our correspondents report.

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  1. I am going back to Italy as soon as it opens back up to U.S. citizens. I never really had a great desire to go to Venice though because they have complained about tourism for quite a while. I can understand that. I don't want to be lumped together with bad tourists who disrespect the places they visit. I also dont want to go where I'm not wanted.

  2. Residents Rights ?
    What about the rights of Tourists :-
    a) to wander round gawping and talking loudly.
    b) to chuck litter in the canals
    c) to moronic merry-making after midnight.
    d) to block walkways with their morbidly obese carcases.
    e) to sacrilegiously squat at St Mark's, stuffing junk into their insatiable maws.

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