Hello and welcome to another high-speed train trip report!

Today we’re heading from Munich, the capital of the South German state of Bavaria upto Germany’s capital city, Berlin. We’ll be riding aboard the latest ICE 4 (Intercity Express) trainset which has a top speed of 250km/h or 155mph. Not the fastest, but certainly no slouch either… Enjoy the ride!

Date of Filming – 6/8/20

Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black
Operator: Deutsche Bahn
Departure: Munich / München HBF
Arrival: Berlin Hbf, Germany
Cost: €40.40 (with BahnCard discount of 25%)

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  1. Germany has very few segments of lines for speeds greater than 250 km/h, less than 1.000km. It possibilites to use less powerful stock and increase savings.
    For example, series capable of 300 km/h (406 and 407) spend more time at max speed outside of Germany (in LGV Est to Paris) than inside.

  2. In December, I took the ICE 3 from Amsterdam Centraal to Zurich HB. The ICE3 took us to Mannheim where we switched to an ICE4 that rode all the way to Zurich HB. It is still the best long distance train I have ever done, also the longest at 8 hours. The cabin in the ICE4 is nice, but the seats of the ICE3, well, the 1st class seats for me were more comfortable. The restaurant onboard is terrific as well. You should try NL – DE ICE services, you'd be surprised how great they are.

  3. Just a quick info regarding the Flirt 3 you labelled as a Meridian train: the brand Meridian doesn't exist anymore. Since mid-2020 the Bayerische Oberlandbahn, which ran Meridian, has rebranded all their trains to BRB (Bayerische Regiobahn), which is another private operator owned by Transdev.

    I think DB decided for the ICE 4 to have a lower maximum speed because of the very few parts of the German rail network that actually allow for speeds faster than that. Plus, as far as I know, the ICE 4 was originally intended to replace the old Intercity trainsets, but somehow ended up being used for the new ICE.

  4. awesome trip report i admire the ICE trains very modern long and modern and also the dining car Munich looks like a great city but especially berlin with many attractions and the huge central station one of my favourites in the whole world i also want to go Germany myself also when the time is right

  5. Thank you for this video. I'm looking to encourage more people to use the alternative to flying over at https://196destinations.com and will include this video on our facebook page. Always looking for blog posts if you ever fancy writing a review. Hope to inspire people, then connect them to tickets eventually. Cheers.

  6. 8:10 they where bought in order to replace the ICE 1/2 fleet, which have a top speed of 280km/h but very slow acceleration…
    the passengers where massively complaining about the seats, so starting from 2021 DB started to replace them.
    best thing about the ICE4 is, that, for a new train, they are very reliable, unlike for example the IC2.
    thanks for the great video!

  7. I've been in 1st class on a few of these trains and I can say the following:

    The seats on these ICE 4 (and refurbed ICE 3) are pretty but downright uncomfortable. 5 hours Mannheim to Berlin was dreadful.

    Unrefurbed ICE 3 are OK for comfort, but the ICE 2 is pretty good.

  8. Ok, so, basically…

    2:15 "Well, first impressions are really good…looks really stylish…"

    Ouch, painful for Germans. They say, it looks worse inside than a regional train 😀

    2:45 "The seats themselves are well shaped, well padded and pretty comfortable."

    and with this comment, you've become the Germans' No. 1 enemy. You better run for your life 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You know, this train is hated in Germany, just like the Hitachi IET in Britain. Again the seats being the main problem (why so? Can't get it…). Don't get me wrong, I agree with your comments. I tried the ICE 4 and don't understand what's so wrong with it. It's such a good train. Not better than other ICEs, but not worse too. I said it would be a controversial video again, as your and Superalbs' report about IC2 are a hard punch of truth for the never satisfied German passengers.
    About the max speed, as the others said, the ICE 4 is more a successor of the ICE 1 and loco hauled IC1 trains than a real high-speed train. As a project, it was called the ICx (not ICE). The new batch of ICE 3 Velaro high speed trains (Class 407) is ordered and supposed to come in next years.

    And another little correction: the ICE-T is not used for Swiss routes any more.

  9. Due to optimizations the coaches are longer and thus heavier. By that, they use much less energy but as the axle weight is higher they are speed limited due to European standards.

  10. Hi, great review! ICE4s were developed to not compete with ICE3s running mostly on a full HS railways but instead to provide an upgrade to current 200 km/h IC sets consisting of rather older coaches (that Regiojet will most probably buy.. haha). The ICE4s were built this way to keep the operational and service costs lower, the overall cost was also lowered resulting in a cheaper plastic materials often used in the interior. I must say that considering all the savings, these trains still look great inside and outside but I don't find them comfortable at all (I'm used to our Czech Pendolinos).

  11. Seems like you enjoyed the ride! It's very informative, very nice journey video! Makes want me to experience the ICE4 train! Thank you so much!! Looking forward the next run!!

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