Darkish Tourist | Formal Trailer [Hd] | Netflix #Germany #journey

The definition of “tourism” is redefined as New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier, who journeyed into the darkest corners of the net in the hit 2016 documentary Tickled, sets his sights on the globe of darkish tourism.

From nuclear tourism in Japan to Pablo Escobar-motivated tourism in Columbia to frontier tourism in Turkmenistan, David visits the world’s grisly and offbeat places, assembly travelers drawn to them, and the people today telling these tales working day just after working day. Darkish Tourist launches July twenty only on Netflix.

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Darkish Tourist | Formal Trailer [Hd] | Netflix


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  1. This show was great! So different to anything , thus refreshing. Ppl need to be creative outside the box, I’m tired of the same ol’ content so this was amazing! 🙂

  2. Hello people, I just wanted to know why you find this show so good? Why are you finding this sort of stuff good? I read the comments and lots of you were amazed by the show… So I just wanted to know..

  3. If he has got an ASS he have to go to the Afghanistan , to Taliban or to desert , poles or to Suudi Arabia, Tchad , Nigeria etc… this production treat audience like a fool. i don't see any danger where he is visiting and what he is doing. he creates some foolish actions in his mind like a childhood game. He is visiting some safe places that locals are living all day and he is capturing some actionfull scenes but no sense . so if you wanna be stupid , vas-y watch this idiot

  4. This is the season where he bitches up and doesn't shoot the cow. The locals buy a cow out of pocket for him to shoot and then he backs out last minute. Pathetic. Probably losing money in a place where you can't afford to break even much less lose money. All to prove a point.

  5. During Episode 5, he's being told to NOT referr to the German-dressed soldiers as Nazi's, yet he referrs to them as such the ENTIRE episode.
    The guy is an idiot, zero respect for others and little understanding of reality.
    The "Nazi's" were a political party with a specific ideology. The common German soldier didn't necessarily support this view and I'm fairly certain service was mandatory.
    Netflix should fact-check the people doing these documentaries and make sure they're not spreading misinformation or plain lies.
    Which this guy is borderline doing. He's so close to twisting history due to his lack of knowledge and factual information regarding the subject, that he shouldn't had been allowed to air this episode. But sure, half-truths and politically biased documentaries sell alot.
    Atleast now we know Netflix's content is adapted to fit a narrative.

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