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Italian cycling is amongst the best in the world and The Mad Keen Cyclist’s bike tour of Italy in 2015 will be fabulous and an epic cycling adventure….one you’ll never forget!

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Do you want a remarkable adventure next year by going on a cycling tour of Italy?

Imagine the beauty of cycling in Italy.

The cycle tour of Italy will commence in September 2015 and be personally guide by Jonathan Paape a New Zealand cyclist who is more commonly referred to as The Mad Keen Cyclist.

You have the choice to ride or relax, walk, sightsee, tramp, or relax at the spa’s – the choice is yours.

If you want to hammer it on the bike every day, our Italian cycling guides will be up to the task.

If you want to take photos and generally immerse yourself in the culture as you cycle Italy that’s your choice.

Just imagine the last days of cycling Italy, as we stay on a vineyard ready for Tuscany cycling while recovering from the excitement and wonderment of having cycled Lake Como, as well as cycling the Alps and cycling in Switzerland.

You’ll remember The Mad Keen Cyclist cycle tour of Italy for the rest of your life? Then join The Mad Keen Cyclist crew for another wonderful journey as we go cylcing in Italy.

We’ve done Tour de France, the Tour of California, now it’s Italy’s turn for the cycke tour of a lifetime.

We’ve named our cycle tour of Italy, EPIC ITALY.
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You will arrive in Milan to begin cycling Italian style for 14 days of eye popping, heart stopping, Italian sights, tastes, smells, experiences and memories as you in immerse yourself into your Italian Cycling tour and culture over the summer of 2015.

The fun starts immediately on day one as we Cycle Lake Como for three glorious days.

The beauty of this area is over whelming, wealthy and charming. Loads to see and do.

We will cycle to Madonna del Ghisallo and stop at this famous chapel and museum, the as well as popping over to experiencing cycling in Switzerland for an epic days riding.

With what we have planned for cycling in Italy, if ever there were a trip to bring a non-cycling partner on, then this is it!

Having found your Italian cycling legs we move on to the challenge of the cycling the Italian Alps where once again you’ll be mesmerized by the grandeur of as you cycle Switzerland.

The mountains sour, the lakes glisten and the pasture’s lush.

If you want to challenge yourself we will cycle the Stelvio Pass, 48 switchbacks …climbing up to a majestic 2700 meters.

Cycling Stelvio. A ride immersed in Italian cycling folk-law. And also rewarded with a café and museum.

Next stop is cycling in the Dolomites were you spend four days in a small market village at the base of the mountains. Breathtaking scenery, and once again like everyday you make a choice. Sight see, walk, do a shorter ride or challenge yourself on the bike.

But maybe we’ve left the best for last, we will now be cycling in Tuscany.

Our base is a vineyard for four magnificent nights.

Rides will include ancient cycling Montepulciano, the highest hilltop town in Tuscany, cycling through rolling countryside and lunch at a celebrated small vineyard.

And if luck is on our side and the dates coincide then we have the option of entry to an Italian cycling Gran Fondo, that’s a local fun ride.

Select your option with distances ranging from 50 to a more challenging 138k.

Can you imagine the fun at the after race pasta party with approximately 500 Italian locals having just ridden and Italian cycling Gran Fondo?

Does a cycle tour of Italy get any better than this?

Epic Italy with the Mad Keen Cyclist will have the highest ratio of staff we have ever had.

The combination of what cycling Italy offers, epic riding, our famous camaraderie, and dear I say it, this is looking like the best adventure we have had together.

It may well turn out to be THE most memorable trip of your life, so what’s stopping you, join us in Italy 2015!

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