Cruise ship crashing into pier in Venice.

Entrance row seat of my dad and mom cruise ship – MSC Opera crashing into the pier and an additional boat in Venice.
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  1. a steel cable tow line to the tug boat in front separated. allowing the ship to go out of control. the first few seconds of this video you can hear a rumbling noise.. that is the left anchor chain feeding out.. that anchor eventually caught hold of the bottom and slowed it down.

  2. Hi Adrian, how are you? I am a journalist from Rede Globo, a Brazilian broadcast and I would like to know if Robert and Rita could give us an interview on Skype to tell us what you saw that day. Can you help?

  3. Read about this in the newspaper today. The cruise ship had been blasting their horn for a solid few minutes, how the hell can you still manage to get injured?

    Either stay on the boat and just clear the bow or get off and walk to safety.

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