Cruise Ship Calamity || ViralHog

Happened on June two, 2019 / Venice, Italy

“An MSC Cruise ship hit the quayside and a pleasure boat, destroying it in seconds.”

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  1. I thought these captains had to go through a very strict background with the correct qualifications. here's the other thing I thought these new cruise ships can park themselves or at least close to it what to it.. technology

  2. You’d think there’d make giant flaps on the hull or something by now incase of an emergency! Just like 2 big metal wings that sit flush but when it’s SHTF time then they fold out and cause massive drag or something! Considering what these things cost and the fact that most of the time a crash happens on such a slow scale that there is time to react but you’re just screwed by a half mile stopping distance or turning circle and have to sit and wait for it to slowly happen! Call them the “oh shit flaps” or something! Just like the oh shit handles in cars, 99.9% of the time they’re useless but when you’re about to hit something most people know exactly where the oh shit handles are!

    Then instead of a sad ex captain saying at a bar that he’s just been fired for crashing a billion quid boat, he’ll be a happy captain laughing saying I had to use the oh shit flaps earlier haha almost crashed the bloody thing!

  3. Throttle locked / malfunctioned. Tugs were trying to pull it clear but one of the chains snapped. No way to slow down or turn in that short distance.

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