Crowded Out: The Tale of Overtourism

A powerful small documentary exploring Overtourism, showcasing interviews with local people and world wide specialists.

Overtourism occurs when there are too numerous people to a certain vacation spot. When rent price ranges force out local tenants to make way for holiday getaway rentals, when narrow roads develop into jammed with tourist motor vehicles, when travellers can’t see landmarks since of the crowds – these are all indications of overtourism.

And it is the backlash from local people that has built overtourism information. Metropolitan areas these types of as Barcelona, Venice and Dubrovnik, and places once considered of as distant these types of as Iceland and Skye have suffered firsthand, and the protests by local people have distribute.

There has been a long time of nearly uncontrolled advancement, and it has crossed a threshold: in numerous places, tourism now demonstrably makes far more troubles than positive aspects. Discover far more on Dependable Travel at:



  1. 6% of chinese have a passport, and wait till Indians travel more – in a few decades Europe will be a theme park (especially considering that we produce less great ideas and businesses)

  2. Good video. Well produced. Very important content. The focus was on Europe but this is a huge problem in the U.S. also. Even in my small city of 50,000+ ( Palm Desert, CA) locals are struggling with this issue. Most of the small cities in the Coachella valley are dealing with problems associated with the onslaught of tourist. The biggest problem in our neighborhood is out of town investors buying homes for the sole purpose of renting out on Airbnb and like platforms for big profits. The neighborhood started changing( for the worse, parking trash noise transients ) and the party houses proliferated. People in the neighborhood formed a group to bring attention to the growing problem, started going to town hall meetings. The meetings were often contentious between the locals and the investors/ property management companies/ multiple home owners. In the end our group got the vote to change the STR ordinance back to the 30 day minimum stay. It was changed in 2012 to a 2 night minimum without public input! It's still not over as the city allowed a sunset clause and some of the absentee owners have found creative ways to game the system.

  3. I lived in Vienna, Austria for a time.. and I get kinda upset with people assume I am a tourist.. But in fact, was living and studying
    in the city. It's another high tourist area.. It was a love/hate relationship . Thank you for this video, It's very insightful. I agree 100%
    and wish people were more respectful to the area they visit..

  4. You can talk about overtourism ,but not over immigration,because thats racist.Both are two sides of the same coin its all about numbers and how sustainable those numbers are for the society.

  5. is it just me or is the background music too loud starting around 17 minutes? hard to hear what is being said. i've never made a video but if i did there would be zero background music. distracting and unnecessary!

  6. I do agree very strongly with this but if the politicians and businesses want to continue because of the money and jobs it brings in in the short term, how do we persuade them otherwise…..?

  7. Amazing compilation – responsible tourism is a node that some tourists have never even thought of – never even think that the bottle of water they buy at the bus stop or when hungover, goes to waste and a simple multiple use glass bottle or flask alone can help save so much. Here's to trusting that as Cape Town tourism develops, that this happens in a responsible way.

    Tourism is a beautiful industry, lets all do our best to keep it that way. Thanks for the video crew!

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